Marquees: Perfect Party Houses For Autumn

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1) How to host a party in your garden?
2) Why does constructing a marquee is a great way to impress friends?
3) What are the advantages of hiring a marquee
4) Why does hiring a marquee is perfect for party houses?
5) What are the other occasions held in large marquees?

Did you spend the early part of this year planting your bulbs, preparing your flower beds, weeding your land and generally looking forward to a lovely summer in your beautiful garden? Did you find yourself daydreaming about all those summer parties and family barbeques you’d like to arrange when the weather perks up a bit?

If so, I bet you’re feeling pretty let down by the English weather (once again!). Well, the good news is, all is not lost. It is still possible to host a party in your garden while it’s still looking fresh and colourful and before the first frost sets in.

But how?

Well, have you ever considered hiring a marquee for a late garden party or special occasion? Today’s tents and awnings have evolved so much that when you find yourself in a party held in a marquee, it’s easy to forget that you’re in a temporary structure that has probably been installed in just a couple of hours. Today’s marquee companies are able to provide everything you may need to house guests in an environment that isn’t affected by the wet, windy or cold weather.

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Constructing a marquee is a great way to impress friends, family or work colleagues without breaking the bank. These days it’s possible to hire marquees of any size and you can request that flooring, heating, tables, chairs and even a bar is included. Many contemporary marquee hire companies can recommend DJs and even put you in touch with people who can come and create any theme you like for the inside of your marquee.

Holding your party in marquee instead of your home means you do not have to be anxious about people spilling drinks on that brand new light-coloured carpet, you don’t have to stress about clearing up your guests’ mess once the party’s over, and you don’t need to worry that the rooms of your house just not being big enough for all the people you want to invite. A hired marquee allows you to enjoy your party and not worry about any accidents that might ruin the furnishings in your lovely home. Best of all, when the party is finished, the hire company will come and pack it all up and take the entire structure (and its furnishings) away for you. Perfect!

So what other advantages are there?

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When used for big special occasions, hiring a marquee will typically work out a lot cheaper then hiring a venue. You will notice that more and more wedding receptions are being held in large marquees. They’re not just more cost effective – a marquee can be delivered to practically any location, so the reception can take place wherever you like, and your guests won’t be told to leave at a set time as they would at a typical wedding venue. You’ll have a lot more flexibility when planning your party and won’t be restricted by the host’s own policies.

So if you want make the most of your garden before winter sets in, or you are struggling to find a suitable location for a special occasion, get in contact with your local marquee company and see what they can do. You’ll wonder why you never thought of hiring a marquee before!

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