Making Memories: First Holy Communion Celebrations

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1) Why does your child First Holy Communion is a special day?
2) What to do in your child First Holy Communion?
3) What is First Holy Communion all about?
4) How to make your child feel special on their First Holy Communion?
5) What can you prepare in your child First Holy Communion?

Your child’s First Holy Communion is a special day and, other than annual birthday parties, a First Holy Communion is likely to be the first big celebration of your child’s life that they will remember. Everyone has those photos of themselves in their Communion gear in a family album somewhere, little gap-toothed girls in white dresses and gloves and boys looking proud as punch with little ties and bow ties on. Make your child feel special on their First Holy Communion by putting some thought into the celebrations.

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Host It At Home

Many First Holy Communions follow the same formula, with the church service being followed by a meal out in a local hotel or restaurant, with perhaps a few aunts and uncles and the grandparents invited along. Why not be a bit different and follow the church ceremony with a party at your house? Children are children, so they will want to run around and play games, which they will have much more freedom to do in your home than they would in a restaurant. Not only that but it’s cheaper to host your own First Holy Communion party than paying for a meal out for everyone. Plus, if the weather’s good, people can sit out in the garden and enjoy the summer sunshine.

Feeding Everyone

If you do decide to celebrate at home, there’s no need to stay up all night cooking a feast for everyone you invite. A few simple homemade salads, vegetable dishes and perhaps healthy sweet potato chips could be complemented with prepared meat dishes from a restaurant or supermarket. If you fancy something more summery, you could make it a barbecue party and make burgers, sausages and grilled vegetables for guests.

Easy, Homemade Cake

What would any party be without a cake? Shop-bought communion cakes can be lacklustre and are often overly sweet and heavy, so why not make two simple and light sponges the night before, then on the day you can top one of them with cream and strawberries, place the other on top and scatter some icing sugar on the upper layer. It’s simple, delicious, light and cheap – what more could you want?

Activities and Games

As for activities to keep the children entertained, bouncing castles are always a popular option, providing hours of fun for children (and sometimes grown-ups too!) You could also devise some games for the children, such as musical chairs or pass the parcel. These classic games are easy to organise and always go down a treat.

All these considerations will make for an extra special day for your child that he or she will look back on fondly in years to come.

This article was written by party planner Henrietta Watson on behalf of a leading provider of bouncing castles.

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