How to Throw a Successful Company Party on a Budget

Company parties are a great way to increase your employee morale, job satisfaction and intra-company relations. This will increase your employees on the job enthusiasm, leading to increased work quality and potential attraction or retention of new customers and therefore new companies. Having solid intra-company relationships can be key in improving efficiency in the workplace and once again improving an employee’s work rate (people work harder for people they like). If all this wasn’t a good enough reason to throw a party there is also of course the fact that office parties are tons of fun and a great excuse to drink a little bit too much. With Christmas just round the corner now is a great time to start planning the big work doo. Here are some tips to throwing your party without emptying your wallet.

Do it during the day: Most people’s significant others will be otherwise engaged during the day, this means half the guests and so half the costs. Furthermore, separating your employees from the skirts of their loved one means that they will make more of an effort with colleagues, boosting the effect the party has on your staff relationships. If you do it during the day, make sure your party doesn’t count as a holiday; otherwise you will have plenty of unhealthy concealed resentment floating around your party.

Make it Unique: Filling your event with lots of fun, corny group activities is a classic and reliable way of enhancing the enjoyment of your employees. Things like end of year awards, secret Santa, karaoke, fancy dress are all things that will have people groaning on the outside and giddy on the inside.


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Barter and Trade: Take the time to see what is on offer it terms of venue, catering and entertainment. Making a ludicrously low offer to a restaurant is nothing to be ashamed of, and it may just pay off. If possible consider offering your companies services or products in the place of payment.

Throw it out of Season: December is prime time for parties and so entertainment acts, venues and restaurants adjust their prices accordingly. So why not consider throwing it in November or January, it will save some cash and employees with lots of social commitments during the Christmas period will appreciate it.

Make it Personal: People love personal touches and your party offers a variety of ways to supply them. You could throw the Christmas party at your house – depending on the size of your workforce and your home or you could hand out a personalised gift at the end of the event (even a simple hand written note will suffice)

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