How to Throw a Baby Shower

Baby showers are common nowadays for expecting mothers or for moms who just gave birth to a child. So, if you’re planning to hold a baby shower for a friend or family member and you don’t know how to go about it, let these tips help you out.

Step 1:  Plan the baby shower well ahead.

The date is the most crucial part of a baby shower. Baby showers can be given before or after birth. If you’re planning to give the party before the birth, make sure the baby shower date is 4-8 weeks before the expected delivery date. If it’s after birth, then it should be 4-6 weeks after the delivery to give the mom time to rest and adjust. Once the date is set, you also need to take care of the venue, the invitations, the theme of the party and food. Another consideration is creating a registry to prevent duplicate gifts during the baby shower. If this is too much for you to do alone, you should consider whether letting other friends and family members help out on the planning to distribute the load.

Step 2:  Decide whether to go co-ed or not.

Traditionally, baby showers are done with women friends and family alone, but at present, males are also let in on the party. So, you should take this into consideration when deciding the theme of the party and the decorations. Men nowadays are more receptive to becoming more involved in celebrating the arrival of a new child in their home.

Step 3:  Prepare your baby shower games.

Though not necessary for baby showers, games can make the baby shower more entertaining and memorable. You can easily find baby shower game ideas online.

Step 4:  Purchase your baby shower favors.

Giving baby shower favors is one way to show your appreciation for the guests that attended your baby shower. Any small token just to show gratitude will do. Common baby shower favors are card holders, picture frames, and food items. You can look at specialty shops for these favors, or you can go online to look for other suggestions.

As expecting moms are already excited with the arrival of their child, you can add to that excitement by throwing a great baby shower. With proper planning and knowledge of the basics, you can make the mom-to-be even happier and more expectant with a memorable baby shower.

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  1. Do baby showers really intended for pregnant women or an upcoming moms only? Or their partners, I am referring to their husband’s needs to take part on organizing the activity? So what will be the husbands role in baby showers?

    I strongly believe that baby shower is a family activity. So each member regardless of sex should take part in conceptualizing, budgeting, venue scouting and implementing the said affair. Husband in particular should take the lead in organizing the said event as he knows better what his partner or wife’s wants. How they want the activity will run, personalizing it according to their preferences and choosing activities that will build ties between the wife, the husband and its upcoming baby.

    Again baby shower is a family oriented activity so we must take each others responsibility to make it more successful.

  2. Always remember that we are living in the 21st century, wherein males and females now participate in most activities together. As pointed out, decide whether to go co-ed or not, bu t still a baby shower shouldn’t only be dedicated to the mothers, the father or men should also be welcome for without them, there would be no baby shower. Baby showers if done before the expected delivery date can also prove to be beneficial to the baby and the mother as it can help relieve stress, as long as she strays away from things she is not allowed to do. Of course, it can also be done after the delivery date, and in which this case is beneficial in a easing the depression and would most likely lessen the chances of the mother developing post-partrum depression as this would show her that she is not alone and would give her a chance to talk and mingle with close friends and relatives.

  3. Baby showers are more than a celebration of an addition to the family. It also is the point of time in any couple’s lives to finally grasp the idea that a major change is about to happen. It is also a day to remind them that they have a network of supporters to stand by them in raising this new child. Have a personalized thank you letter to give out to each of your guest after the party. Letters are more appreciated than tokens/souvenirs since it is specially made for them.

  4. Should baby showers be an extravagant event? No. Baby showers should be a simple but unforgettable event for the whole family. How can we make a good variation of a baby shower? There are a lot of ways to make different kinds of showers. You can try to choose from poplar child-friendly characters like winnie the pooh, teddy bear or mickey mouse. You can look for party stores online or offline that sells a complete set of decorative plates and napkins that can look cute on children tables.

    What kind of foods should we serve during a baby shower? It depends on what time your baby shower will be held but usually it comes with various finger foods. Baking a cake or simply ordering it from a bakery can make your baby shower so much fun.

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