How to Tell the Difference Between a Tweeker and a Coke Head

For many of us, on the outside looking in, many subsets of the drug culture appear very similar to us. In fact, though, most of the time these are highly distinct groups and the nature of the very drugs they take – which, of course, is what defines their culture – are very different. Case in point is the so-called similarity between tweekers and coke heads. The truth of the matter is, these are two very different types of drugs and as a result, the folks who tend to prefer them are, of course, very different from one another as well. You are likely to find more differences between tweekers and coke heads than similarities.

So, first off, what is the basic difference between coke and meth in terms of the types of feelings it inhibts?
Coke and its Results
Coke is often termed a party drug as it tends to inhibit social behavior. Folks who have had a few lines of that good white powder are often very friendly, chatty, outgoing. The drug produces feelings of intense wellbeing and euphoria. While it may make people feel high and “up,” it does not, when taken in its pure form, mimic the stimulant effects found in meth. Though it is not always consumed alone, it tends to be loved for its jovial nature, the feeling of overall happiness and pleasure it brings the user.


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Meth and its Results
Meth, on the other hand, has always been considered more of a “working class” drug. As a stimulant, a line or two of this stuff will give you the energy you need to get things done, for hours. It is a cheap and effective way to get intense, long bursts of energy. Most who use this drug cite feelings of increased stamina and endurance, the ability to work or concentrate on something for long periods of time.
Some do report feeling chattier, perhaps more sociable, but this isn’t the main effect of the drug, nor is it what is sought when people are looking into getting this drug.
Coke Heads and Tweakers in Reality
Coke heads, by their nature, tend to be more focused on the experience of an event or situation. They want to be around friend or groups of people and most of the time, activity centers around something social in nature. While there is always the exception to the rule, coke heads are, for the most part, social creatures who use coke to enhance the social experience of being with other people and enjoying their company.
Tweekers, while they may be friendly and sociable people, do not tend to look towards their drug of choice as a means to enhance that. Many people use meth as a means to get intense, sustained energy with which to focus on a specific endeavor, such as working or even just a small, personal project. They tend to want to do something, rather than be somewhere with others. Tweekers tend to be focused on particular activities and will devote much of the time they are high pursuing these efforts. Some, more blue collar tweekers use meth as a means to get through long and grueling workdays. However, those who use it recreationally tend to use it as a means to pursue a particular, personal interests.
The similarities of coke and meth really seem to begin and end, for the most part, at them both commonly being uppers that are usually ingested by snorting, with both taking the form of a whiteish powder. The desired effects and the type of people who tend to prefer one or the other are very different, indeed. The coke head tends to want to have a good time, relax, enjoy themselves amongst friends or other people. The tweaker often wants to get something done, whether it be work or just some weird project to be fiddled with. While both are technically “uppers,” those who look coke heads tend to want a more relaxing and chill experience, whereas the tweaker wants intense energy and concentration for something in particular.
Just remember, tweeker is a nickname for someone who likes to get hopped up and mess with things, to tweek with things. A coke head is more likely to want to be around friends or even at a party.

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