How to Prepare a Surprise Birthday Party

A birthday party is one of the most common social events for grown-ups. It is where they party like small children, with added privileges, of course. As a welcome break from their busy lives, most young adults do attend birthday parties a lot. One of the most exciting birthday parties one would have, however, is one that he or she does not even know. Surprise birthday parties are set up, from finances to ideas, by close friends in honor of their celebrant friend. Organizing a surprise birthday party require some effort, but the party almost always rocks the fatigue off everyone afterwards.

Step 1: Plan ahead.

As with any kind of social event, surprise birthday parties need to be planned, and actually especially them, since they contain a, well, element of surprise. There are many kinds of surprise birthday parties that you and your friends can choose from.

Remember: When choosing a surprise birthday party theme and date, always consider your financial capacities and the birthday celebrant. For example, do not choose a theme that would require a place where the celebrant can’t go to. Just remember that you have to consider the preferences and availability of the celebrant first when you are planning for the party.

Step 2: Keep it secret.

Of course, it is a surprise, so it is important to keep it a secret, or at least to the birthday celebrant. Make sure that on the days or the weeks of planning, only a very few trustworthy people would know about it.

Remember: While trying to keep it a secret, try chatting up with the celebrant, such as asking him or her about his or her plans on his or her birthday. With that, you will not just know what his or her plans are and work with it, but you will give him or her the idea that you are waiting for his or her party, and not that you are planning one for him or her.

Step 3: Send out secret invitations.

The secret of course should be apparent in the handing out of the invitations. It should be well stated that it is a surprise and the invitee should, in every way possible, keep it a secret, especially from the celebrant.

Remember: Keep the invitations clear, concise, and simple. Do not make them in such a way that they would attract attention.

Planning surprise birthday parties may be challenging, especially to the secret-keeping aspect. But a surprise birthday party would always be part of the unforgettable memories of the celebrant.

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  1. Thanks to the advances in technology, keeping a secret, especially in surprise birthday parties have never been easier. Messages and invitations can be sent to carefully picked participants through the use of e-mail and cellphones, you can plan even if you are far away. As this is a surprise birthday party, you must have the element of surprise, so the celebrant must be caught off-guard. Plan carefully and connive with other friends to help and lure the celebrant out of his house and keep him busy with other things while you and others prepare for the upcoming party.

  2. It is very hard to keep a secret even if it is as innocent as planning a surprise party. 9 out of 10 times, somebody always blurt out the secret to the celebrant. A tip in fixing this kind of trouble is having the party earlier than expected. If the original plan is to surprise the celebrant after work, why not shock him for a brunch party unexpectedly instead. Get everyone involved in the planning process and it will be the best gift he or she will ever receive.

  3. Sofia Cope says:

    An additional factor of a successful surprise birthday party is knowing what the celebrant would least expect on that day such as people he/she has not seen for a very long time and would really love to see on her birthday. Of course, you need not to ask her directly as this will give him/her a hint of the party that you are cooking up for her. Ask the help of other people such as his/her family and close friends. For added thrill, include her favorite snacks and drinks or get her favorite tunes playing on the stereo. This will make her feel extra special on her big day and will help make the occasion totally unforgettable.

  4. showerlist says:

    The first and foremost important thing in throwing a surprise party is the element of surprise. Make sure that you have the celebrant completely distracted throughout the day so that he/she wouldn’t expect anything at all. Make sure that everyone who’s going to be at the party for the celebrant is going to keep the arrangements secret and encourage them to be involved in the party planning so that they will feel like they are more involved thus encouraging them to keep it confidential.

  5. yvonne t. says:

    Planning this kind of celebration is nerve racking, because you’ll need to plan secretly with all other people and the best part here is surprising the birthday boy/girl. I agree with Ray thanks to technology keeping a secret and planning it secretly as well as inviting them will not be a problem either. You should ask for everyone’s cooperation in planning as having the party bash is not so easy to prepare. A surprise party doesn’t mean you need to spend that much but instead you should think of things that he would be surprised of aside from the party of course. It may be someone or something that he wanted to see or have.

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