How to Plan Your Stress-Free Wedding

For many couples, working on wedding preparations can cause stress and anxiety. Depending on the complexity of your wedding, you may have hundreds of large and small details to plan. However, there are plenty of ways to keep stress out of your wedding plans. Read ahead for some fresh ideas to help you take the anxiety out of your wedding.

Plan Early

Early planning can help you avoid many wedding mishaps and disasters. As soon as you decide on a date for your wedding, you and your future spouse can begin shopping for wedding venues. By starting early, you can reserve your date at your favourite venue. You should also consider shopping early for other important elements of your wedding, include your wedding outfits. If you shop early, you can save money on your clothes by comparison shopping online and at local stores.

Make a Budget

Financial difficulties can cause tensions between a couple during their wedding preparations. You can avoid these issues by agreeing on a budget with your future spouse. Once you have determined your budget, you must hold to it. If you deviate from your budget, you risk creating a financial disaster and undue stress. Creating a budget will also help you know how much you can spend on all the various elements of your wedding.

Get Help

You and your future spouse don’t have to plan your wedding alone. Ask family members to aid you in a few tasks. If you have a talented relative who is skilled at graphic design, ask them for guidance on your wedding invitations. Your family’s assistance will help make your wedding an even more enjoyable event for everyone. Additionally, you can hire a wedding assistant to help you take care of a variety of wedding-related issues.

Take a Break

Don’t let wedding planning take over every aspect of your life. Make plenty of time for other activities, including special dates with your significant other. If you’re getting overwhelmed by your planning, let it go for a couple of days or ask for help. You probably have a few friends who would love to give you some help when you’re feeling stressed. If a particular task is giving you trouble, hand it off to someone else to complete.


Stick to Your Wishes

Sometimes, well-intentioned family members can try to offer you more advice than you need. If you have a strong opinion on your wedding theme, for example, don’t let others influence you to change it. Your wedding day is about what you and your spouse want, not what your mother or friend wants. Ideally, you should start to form some tentative plans before you even tell anyone that you and your future spouse are engaged. This will give you time to think about your dream wedding.

The Big Picture

In the end, your wedding is only one small part of your marriage. If you can let go of the small mishaps that happen during your preparations, you won’t even feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Tom is a Wedding Planner working with Dedes Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Tom is always keen to share his tips with couples and give a little advice to make planning their big day as stress-free as possible.

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