How to Plan Your Own Simple Wedding

Planning a wedding may seem the ultimate hair-raising experience for a couple before they actually tie the knot.  A wedding, after all,  is the first of the significant events in a couple’s lives.  A wedding can either be formal or informal, traditionally held inside a church or for the more adventurous, in some romantic locations such as the beach, a mountaintop, or even underwater for those who like to push the envelope.

Step 1:  Have a budget.

Weddings, no matter how simple will still require you to shell out some money.  Estimate the cost of the location and the reception beforehand so that you won’t fall short on cash later on.

Warning:  The budget is the most important thing you should ensure if you do not want a stalled wedding because of unpaid caterers and what not.

Step2:   Choose a place and the officiating priest or reverend.

Having someone to officiate over your wedding is one of the essentials, too.

Warning:  Couples of different religious backgrounds may need to choose  a reverend, a priest, or a rabbi ahead of time  to give more time for a compromise.  In some cases, two officiating officers who represent the diferent religious beliefs of  the couple can also do the wedding together.

Step 3:  Create a guest list and send in invitations in advance.

A guest list is abosultely essential  for a simple wedding, especially if you are hiring a caterer, because this will determine how many covers they should prepare for the meal.

Warning:  A guest list will  help you avoid the risk of having too many or too little guests at the wedding.  Simple weddings usually require only a few people to attend, such as the closest friends of the bride and groom.

Step 4: Hire a caterer and coordinate with the other suppliers, from flowers to food, ahead of time.

A simple wedding is often chosen because it is less elaborate and, therefore, less stressful for the couple, who are the ones who take care of the details if a wedding planner is not involved.  Hiring a caterer will take the stress  of thinking about food preprations off the couple’s shoulders, leaving them free to concentrate on other, more important details about the wedding.

Warning:  Choose a caterer that has a good record and reputation among its clients.  You can ask for referrals from family or friends about reliable caterers in your area.

Step 5:  Make time for relaxation before the big day.  If you are the one getting married, make sure that all important things are taken care off.  Designate the small things to friends or family.  Make sure that you get some relaxation before the wedding so that you can look your best on that big day.

Warning:  Putting everything off at the last minute will likely result to  a tired and stressed-out bride and groom.  If you want to look fresh and radiant on your wedding day, make wedding preparations in advance and avoid stress the day before the wedding.

Any wedding, no matter how simple, requires precise planning.  The good thing about having a simple wedding is that you get to prepare for a lesser number of people than if you went for an all-out wedding bonanza with a 300–person guest list and all the trimmings.  A simple wedding requires only the basics, such as a location, an officiating member of the clergy or a rabbi, guests, food and entertainment, all in a suitable location, which can be anywhere from the beach to a quaint mountaintop resort.  As long as you can handle planning for all these, you can be sure to have one of the most memorable and wonderful moments of your life as a young married couple.

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  1. love_to_read says:

    To walk in the aisle with your man waiting at the altar, is every woman’s dream. While the preparation and stress of having to come up with a beautiful wedding is no joke, all the more the small glitches during the wedding itself. No matter how seem perfect the preparation is, there will always be little details that can ruin or stressed the bride or the groom.. like principal sponsors has yet arrived. zippers can’t zip,etc. The best tip during the wedding is to have a mantra to memorize or to serve as reminder like; “i will not let anything stressed me, this is my day, I want to be beautiful”. There are lots of positive quotes to use to keep the bride or groom the most happiest person on their wedding day.

  2. Angelica says:

    I recommend having a destination wedding instead if you have the budget and if you want an intimate wedding ceremony. Destination weddings are becoming highly popular. One of the most popular type of destination weddings are held in beaches or resorts.

    Before considering a destination wedding, you have to consider the pros and cons. Like can you afford it or do you have the budget for it? Are you up for a more intimate wedding ceremony? Are you open if some of your loved ones may not be able to attend the wedding since it requires travel (and expenses too).

    And if you are planning a destination wedding in a foreign place, make sure to prepare in advance and consider also getting a wedding planner who specializes in destination weddings to reduce the stress and hassle in planning.

  3. Getting married with a small budget is not that bad at all. Excellent choices and right decision making is the right tool. At most malls, you have a lot of choices when it comes to bride and entourage gowns even if you are just renting it. Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. Schedule also plays a big role. if you schedule it on an off- peak season , you can have a lot of choices for the venue , the wedding organizer , restaurants and caterers , designers..etc even your honeymoon destination. During off-peak season they also have lots of discounts for you to avail. This way you will not be worried if someone already booked your favorite resto or no available organizer to help you out. Just remember that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. Elegant choice and right planning at the right time is what you needed to have an unforgettable yet affordable wedding.

  4. One way to reduce the cost of weddings is be clever in choosing your sponsors. It may sound shady but a common practice today is to have someone in your entourage who has vast connections to catering services, hotels or resorts, dressmaking shops that you can take advantage of. Do not hesitate to ask your relatives or your friends to help out since this will be a family gathering. Keep a small notepad that you can write your list on and have it framed for you to hang around the house as a reminder of your pleasant wedding planning experience.

  5. DrixProject says:

    I like this article. It fits the present problems of those people who are planning to get married but can’t afford the luxury of hiring a wedding planner. Now a days, due to the economic crisis that the world is dealing with, most lovers end up getting married secretly to avoid the high cost of a grand celebration. Some lovers end up not getting married due to the high price of the grand occasion. The sacrament of Matrimony has been used by businessmen to earn cash. That’s why, it is better to learn how to plan for a simple wedding. In this way, we can cut on expenses and at the same time, savour the most important event in your lives.

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