How to Plan for an Afternoon Tea Party

You may be chosen to be the maid of honor of your best friend for her wedding, or the host of a ladies’ club meeting.  One of your basic duties is to prepare for a gathering for some of your friends or club members.  You wonder what kind of party would be formal, fun, and yet inexpensive at the same time.  There’s only one option in mind for that–organize an afternoon tea party.  Before you imagine the hassle of preparing Victorian era attires and decorations, remember that a tea party is that it is a social gathering where only tea and light snacks such as pastries are served–inexpensive and elegant at the same time.

Step 1:  Select the date and place.

Tea parties are often done in the afternoon, so it is often called the afternoon tea party.  You can do it at a local  clubhouse, or anyone’s home.  Afternoon tea parties may be done inside a house but many prefer it to be done outside in the garden for that perfect ambiance.

Warning:  The afternoon may be a busy time for most, so select the appropriate date when most of your friends are available, preferably during weekends.

Step 2:  Send the invitations.

After you have selected the most appropriate date and time, send the invitations to your guests.  Make sure that the information on the invitations are complete, including the proper attire for the gathering.

Warning:  Even though you haven’t finalized everything yet, it is preferable that you already have an idea of the theme and the general ambiance of the event in your mind.  These would be used for the design of the invitation and the attire that you would want to require.

Step 3:  Prepare the foods and drinks.

The tea is, of course, the main beverage of the occasion.  You may choose from a variety of light snacks that can go with the tea, such as cookies, pies, and other pastries.

Warning:  Most snacks in a tea party are finger foods and small pastries.  Preparing heavy meals may not be good in an afternoon tea party.

Step 4:  Prepare the tables and other decorations.

Though you don’t can’t go back to the Victorian era when these parties became popula, you can put Victorian-inspired decorations and music just to get the feeling of it.

Warning:  You can always borrow from friends or anywhere possible for the decorations and other necessities.  You don’t have to purchase everything unless you plan to host an afternoon tea party every year.

An afternoon tea party is the best recreational gathering that can be prepared in a short time with little expense on everyone. That is why it would be perfect for formal and semi-formal occasions such as bridal or baby showers, club meetings, or just an afternoon of leisure with your friends.

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