How to Plan for a Picnic

A picnic is a spur of the moment thing that you can pull off without a hitch anytime, anywhere.  It is often defined as a simple, casual outdoor excursion that involves eating a meal, whether it is a simple lunch or snacks, outside.  Typical places where picnics are held include hillsides, parks, gardens, and the beach.  This can be done by a couple or a large group of friends.

Step 1:  Determine how many people are going on your picnic.

This is the way to know the number of eating utensils to bring and how much food and drinks you should prepare.

Warning:. Do this if you do not want your group to run out of food or water, especially if you are planning on having a picnic somewhere where a convenience store is not easily accessible.

Step 2:  Choose your picnic location.

Pick one that has a nearby washing facility since everyone will likely be handling food with their hands.

Warning:  Make sure you have a place to wash your hands to avoid contaminating the food.  If this is not possible, use hand sanitizers or moist towelettes instead.

Step 3:  Buy the food and beverages ahead of time.

Some people may do this on the way to the picnic area, but if you want less hassle, prepare everything hours before you head out.  That way, you will have a smooth drive without having to make any unnecessary stops along the way.  For more convenience, divide the food necessities among you, and have each person bring his or her own dish that you all can share.

Step 4:  Gather other necessities.

These will include garbage bags for your trash later, a camera, sunblock especially if you are having a beach picnic, music, toys, a mat to lay on, hats, insect repellents, and more if there’s still room in the car.

Step 5:  Pack your picnic basket

Making sure to line the bottom with plastic and putting heavier items on the bottom.

Warning:  Avoid spillage and broken bottles or squashed pieces of food by stacking the contents of your basket the right way.

Packing for a picnic is easy to do as long as you know what to pack and how to do the packing.  Knowing how many people are actually coming will save you the trouble of running out of food too soon.  Having everything you need on hand will make sure that no one goes hungry and everyone enjoys your little outdoor excursion.

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  1. Food isn’t the only thing that you need to bring during a picnic. Most often than not, a picnic involves going to a park or a peaceful place, hence a camera to capture the perfect sceneries and precious memories is essential. You can also opt to bring a first-aid kit, just in case things go out of hand and it wouldn’t hurt to bring mosquito repellents since being in an open field makes you more vulnerable to insect bites. And also, you need to learn how to organize your basket in the right way so as to avoid any mishaps or spillages.

  2. It is extremely important to check weather forecasts on the news or a quick research on the internet before your scheduled picnic. If it is forecast to be too sunny, be ready with those big umbrella to house your whole family for the entire bonding time. It is best to always have extra clothes packed especially when you are with your children. Study the food preference of your family and friends. Have a variety of food ready like salad for the vegetarian and steak for the meat lovers. You may also want to make sure your food is already individually packed so that you do not have to pack large Tupperware on the road.

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