How to Plan for a Bachelor’s Party

A bachelor’s party is the usual rite of passage for a guy who is about to get married.  This is usually done a few nights or the night before the wedding by the groom-to-be’s friends.  This party is  prepared and paid for the by the friends of the groom.  However, a proper party should still be planned with the groom-to-be’s preferences in mind.  Here are some good steps to follow:

Step 1:  Create a guest list and make bachelor party invitations.

The list is usually made by the groom or at the least, with the groom’s approval.

Warning:  The guest list should come from the groom, because you do not want to invite other guys that are not invited to the wedding or are not close to the groom.  Letting the groom pick who he wants at the party is one way to keep the party small and private.

Step 2:  Book the venue and the entertainment.

Some may think that the bachelor’s party is only about  going to a strip club and ogling dancing, naked women, but a traditional bachelor’s party usually consists of a formal dinner at a  nice restaurant or a sports bar, whatever the groom is into, followed by the night’s entertainment.  Not all bachelors’ parties end up with the guy ogling and dancing with naked strippers, although this is also an option.

Warning:  The groom should be consulted with the night’s entertainment.  Not all men like strippers and booze a few nights before their wedding.  Contrary to popular belief, some men may prefer outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, or just watching football games with buddies.  Booking a stripper or a nightclub may offend some guys who are not into this kind of entertainment.

Step 3:  Estimate the costs of everything from the food to the venue and the entertainment.

The groom should not be made to pay for anything for his own bachelor’s party.

Warning:  Settle all money matters before the actual night.  Paying for all the expenses will add hassle and can become awkward if you and your buddies only start handing out money at the night itself.

Step 4:  Appoint a designated driver for the night so that everyone can go home safely.

Another option would be to hire taxis that can take you home at the end of the night.

Warning:  Setting a designated driver should be a priority for those planning a bachelor’s party, especially if booze is going to be a huge part of the event.  Be sure to include this in the plans, as setting a designated driver can be overlooked when the big day comes.

A bachelor’s party is one of the most memorable moments of a single guy’s life.  Careful planning is essential if you want to pull a perfect night for your friend who is about to get married.  Planning this night properly can save you whole lot of time and will help avoid any unwanted and nasty surprises or worse, any accidents.

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