How to Organize a High School Reunion

So it has been years since you have graduated from high school.  You have probably changed much since that fateful day when you said goodbye to your teenage friends.   College, probably deeper relationships, life’s problems, and your career filled the gap between high school and today’s you.  Still, you wonder how you’re old friends are doing right now.  Well, the best way to know this is through a high school reunion you can organize.  Here’s how:

Step 1:  Form a high school reunion committee.  This will be the team that will do the work, before, during, and even after the actual reunion.  Each member will be assigned to such as invitations, food, place, finances, program, souvenir, and the like.

Warning:  For easier selection, you may want the class officers to be the committee.  But if they are not available, the next best thing is to contact at least ten who are available.  Remember that with your busy lives, availability and willingness is more important for a better planning.

Step 2.  Choose a theme.  This will make your high school reunion more fun and unforgettable.  You may want to choose from a variety of themes such as the fads from your high school days, executive style, or beer party–your imagination is your limitation.

Warning:  Choosing a theme as early as possible is important, for it will be the basis for many things that you need to prepare such as food, invitation, souvenir, and the like.

Step 3:  Contact your class.  This is your preliminary invitation.  You can do this even before you have agreed on a theme. This is your chance to tell them that there is a reunion being cooked, and start with the ones whom you know the contact numbers of.  Ask them about the contact information of those not in your list.

Warning:  This is not just to tell them about the planned event, you should also to ask them about their most preferred dates and even the theme.

Step 4:  Finalize it.  After you have selected your theme, choose the proper venue, the food, the program, and the souvenir based on it.

Warning:  Most of you may be professionals by now, still you should first consider the finances of everyone.  A high-budget class reunion may sound good, but you don’t need to spend much to have fun.

Step 5:  Send the invitations.  Once you have finalized everything, it’s time to send out the invitations for the reunion, which should contain the complete information about the event, such as the place, time, and attire.  If you want to be sure, you can make it an RSVP invitation, or at least put the coordinators’ contact information on the invitation.

Warning:  Make sure that your the contact information of your classmates are updated, or else, you may forget to invite some people.  It would also be preferable to update the names and titles of some, such for the ladies who are already married.

High school reunions may be hard to organize, but you know that it will be worth the sweat.  It’s your chance to update with your friends, renew friendships, and well, take some break from this demanding world and relax with a blast from the past.

Photo Credit : Alana Light

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