How to Organize a Halloween Party (or any costume party)

Organizing a Halloween party has its rewards, especially if you have a lot of children at home.  A Halloween party is usually thrown on the eve of Halloween and is known for costumed party-goers and Trick or Treating.

Step 1:  Select the theme.

Start planning what you want the party to look like, whether you want your guests to come in costumes according to a designated theme, or have a party with no theme at all.  If you are planning a party for kids, you can have a Disney-themed party.  A party for adults can work with everyone coming in pairs or dressed up as famous couples.

Warning:  Knowing what your party will look like will help you plan the other aspects of the event, from the food to the decorations apart from the costumes.  If you want a party that is organized and pulled together, then plan what you want it to look like ahead of time.

Step 2:  Make a guest list and send out invitations.

Invitations will contain the exact time and date for your party so you can start your party on time.

Warning:  Do not forget to specify the time and date of your Halloween party to avoid late or lost party-goers.

Step 3:  Plan the activities

Create a list of games and entertainment, from storytelling and singing to casting magic spells.  There is an endless selection of activities you can try.

Warning:  Plan the activities that you want to do in your party to avoid awkward moments.  Having a planned set of activities will keep the energy of the party flowing and prevent moments where everyone is standing around not doing anything.

Step 4:  Buy party materials and food.

Materials for decorations should be bought at least a week before the party, and the food at least a few  days ahead.  That way, you are ready to decorate the day of the party.

Warning:  Buying decorations and food ahead of time will save you a lot of hassle and stress that you could likely get if you decided to put everything off at the last minute.

Step 5:  Set up the decorations.

Prepare the Halloween music, and get into your costume.   Setting up decorations can be done in a couple of hours.  Get into your costume before guests are expected to arrive so you can welcome them the Halloween-style.

Warning:  Decorations can help set up the ambiance of your Halloween party just right, so better not mess them up.

Planning a Halloween party or any costume party should be done with care if you want to pull it off successfully.  This way, you can avoid extra costs and save on time and energy with enough to enjoy the party you planned.

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  1. It will also add enjoyment if there is competition for best costume in the party. Everyone will be hyped and excited in showing up for the party. The host should declare a set of criteria for judging and have everyone vote for their favorite. Make sure that you have a kids, teens and adults category so that everybody have a fair chance to win. The prize will include a small token or even just a personalized gift from the host. Always have your camera ready to capture those delightful moments.

  2. whimsical1207 says:

    There are lots of kids in our subdivision and every year we always have a halloween party. A month before halloween, letters are already sent out to each household stating the tentative date and the venue of the party. Each household is required to reply regarding attendance, number of people who will be attending and the food that they will bring for potluck. Through this method organizers of the party will know the number of guests who will be arriving. Since the halloween party is for kids it is essential tha there are games. There are also prizes that will given away for the games as well as the winners for the best in costume and scariest costume. A lot of people are busy and not at home during the weekdays, so the party is usually held on a Saturday or a Sunday. Through correspondence we always have had a successful and fun halloween party.

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