How Not To Disappoint Your Best Friend On His Stag Do

The challenge is on. Your best friend is getting married any day now, and it’s up to you to organize a stag do for him and the lads. No pressure, right? It’s only one of most important (and last) nights of his single life.

You want to make sure everyone has a great time, and hopefully gets home in one piece, more or less. There are lots of things that can go wrong with a stag do (see the movie The Hangover for debauchery missteps), but when things go right, you and your mates will have the time of your life, and you’ll be remembered as the hero who pulled off an epic, once in a lifetime party. Here are a few pointers about how not to muck it all up.

Know your audience. Some guys just want to drink; others might be on a bit of a budget. Nothing wrong with spending some time with exotic dancers, no matter the price (you do get what you pay for, though), but remember, variety is the key to having a good time. Take into account the quirks and tastes of the men attending this wild party, and plan accordingly. Believe it or not, some guys might want to do more than simply guzzle beer. We know that’s hard to fathom, but it’s true.

Variety means more than just changing up your brew and shot choices. Sure, nightclubs and noisy pubs are in order after the sun goes down, but you can also mix in some daytime ideas like river rafting, bungee jumping, canyoning, paintball, shooting courses, aqua jetpack, sailing, skydiving, tobogganing, climbing, surf lessons, motorsport and more. Outside of organized pub-crawls, bus circuits, river cruises and guided club tours, you really need to use you imagination to shake things up. If you’re out of the country, take in some of the local sights, from mountains and beaches, to cool entertainment districts. Of course, you might want to avoid any hoity-toity cultural spots like museums and art galleries, since rowdy stag parties and breakable art usually don’t mix.


After the activities, accommodation and night time entertainment have come together, it’s vital that you remain flexible once the festivities actually begin. Maybe the vibe in one of the clubs you’re visiting isn’t all that great. No worries. Simply change things up and head off to another place. Have a list of back up options ready (clubs, pubs, restaurants), just in case things go wrong. This way you’ll be insured for all eventualities. If you’re good at planning and adapting, your stag do should be a resounding success. If you’re the type of guy who sweats the small stuff, there are plenty of stag services out there that can help you organize every last detail, from the activities you do during the day, to the type of fun you’ll be having at night.

By planning and putting a little effort into things before your best friend’s stag do begins, you’ll be sure not to disappoint him. With backups plans and a ton of activities to rely on, you can relax as well, and enjoy the party at the same time.

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