Helping Your Loved One Attend a Sporting Event

Watching sports live in person is a very exciting experience. Seeing the athletes perform at their highest level is a rush that can be difficult to describe. If you are a sports lover then it doesn’t matter how old you are, because you’ll always have the desire to see a good event. The only problem is, if you are getting up there in years it may not be as easy to attend your favorite sports as it once was. There is where your friends and family members come in; you can enlist them to help you make it to the event.

If you are the friend that is being enlisted to help someone attend a sporting event, here are a few things that you can do to help:

  1. High School Football- Helping out an elderly person is all about being prepared. When you’re going to a high school football game you’re going to have to be on high alert. There will be a bunch of people there and they may not be very considerate to those around them. Always lend an arm to steady the person you are assisting. Be sure to bring extra blankets in case it gets cold at night and also to use as cushions on the bleachers. Be prepared to leave early if necessary as the bleacher seats can be hard on your back.
  2. Baseball Game- Going to a baseball game is slightly more difficult than a high school football game but still entirely possible. One of the best things you can do is to speak with the stadium staff when you arrive and ask for a wheelchair. This will make general transportation a lot easier. When you get to your section, however, you’ll still need to walk to your seat. Be sure to take things slow as the steps can be very steep and one wrong move could result in a fall.
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  4. Swimming- Swimming events are very exciting to watch and often times come down to the very last moments of the race. If the person you are assisting loves to watch swimming races then you’ll need to be prepared before you take them to the pool. Make sure that they are wearing shoes with good tread on them. You should also walk very slowly to make sure that no one slips on any water that may be around the pool. The surfaces are designed to provide the most traction as possible but can still be very slippery when wet.

Ultimately there is no reason why someone should give up attending the sporting events that they love most. Just be sure to give them a proper helping hand so that their trip is made easier.

Micah is an author for the Udall Shumway law firm that helps protect elderly people dealing with elder abuse or negligence injuries.

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