Great Wedding Themes To Have For Your Big Day

Wedding themeTying the knot is one of the most exciting events that may take place in anybody’s life, and according to the cliché, this can be a once in a lifetime moment. Given this, it is just right that you make your wedding extra special, and that is by adapting a motif or theme. Themed weddings make the celebration unique, as everything-from the dresses to the decorations, favors and even the cake, will be following the same style.

The first step to having a themed wedding is by choosing a theme. Indeed, there are a lot of potential themes and motifs to choose from these days, but which among them should you use on your own wedding? If you still haven’t decided, then below are some of the great wedding themes that you may use:

Fairytale wedding theme.

A fairytale wedding theme is one of the most colorful motifs that you can follow. This theme is not difficult to imitate because you can get inspirations from your favorite fairytales and other romantic ensembles.

You can hold your wedding celebration in a castle or palace, but if you don’t have such venues available, you can settle for a flower garden instead.

Rustic wedding theme.

Another great wedding theme that’s becoming highly popular these days is that of rustic weddings. When we say rustic, it makes use of the old, vintage ideas and country-inspired styles. What’s great about this theme is that you don’t have to spend as much as compared to other wedding motifs-you can set the celebration in your backyard and as well work on the favors by yourself.

Travel wedding theme.

Couples who are fond of traveling together will definitely enjoy a travel motif for their wedding. If you are among these couples, then you can design your invitations in the form of passports, favors with trinkets of your favorite places, and as well have your venue in a tourist destination you and your partner both love.

Beach wedding theme.

On the other hand, if you and your partner are both beach bums, then the best place to celebrate your wedding would be at the beach. Beach weddings are fun, casual and spontaneous-you don’t have to follow strict formalities like that in traditional weddings, and all your guests can relax during the celebration too.

What’s best about beach wedding themes is that you can incorporate your own ideas to make the celebration more distinct. You can go from a strictly coat-and-tie fashion to that of a luau, depending on your preference.

Gothic wedding theme.

Finally, if you’re a couple that shares the same taste for macabre fashion, then a gothic wedding is the best way to go. In this wedding, brides can get away from the usual white wedding gown to that of red or even black, while the groom can wear a leather outfit instead of the tux. Gothic weddings are becoming well embraced especially for younger couples, as they get to express not only their love and affection for each other, but also their fondness of all things black, metal and rock.

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Emily handed out wedding favours in gift bags at her wedding, her theme was snowy white and she had it in December.

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