Great Games for a Birthday Party

Birthday parties provide excellent opportunities for fun and excitement. The right birthday party games can draw the crowd together, rally everyone into a celebratory mood and can even offer prizes and favors to the guests. Consider choosing several different types of games to put on during a birthday party, including ice breakers, trivia games, active games, game wheels and even board games to keep everyone in the mood.

Ice Breakers

Ice breakers are great for parties where not everyone is acquainted yet. Ice breaker games are “get to know you” games, so pair up individuals who are not acquainted yet and allow them to get to know one another while vying for a prize. “Getting to know you’ games and ‘Who knows the birthday boy or girl best” games will keep everybody mingling and will keep the energy light and fun.

Get Active!

Active games, especially if you have a lot of outdoor space, can be tons of fun for birthday party guests of all ages. Some examples include treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, egg races, limbo and water balloon tosses. Even simple games like hide and seek can be enjoyable for all ages at a birthday party. When the guest list is long, having a few active activities such as these planned is always a wise idea.

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Game Wheels

Game wheels are excellent at attracting attention and getting everyone together. Once the wheel begins spinning, the audible sounds can really attract a crowd. Play traditional roulette or use a roulette wheel for a variety of different games, including prize raffles. Customize a prize wheel for your birthday party, or buy one that you can write on yourself for a truly custom solution. You can use a game or prize wheel for a variety of different purposes at a birthday party. Board games make excellent birthday party games as long as everyone can participate. Games that allow for a large number of players, such as trivia games for example, can be excellent for birthday parties. Choose games based on the guest list, ensuring that the chosen games match the number of guests as well as the age range of guests attending. Another option to consider is to stock a wide range of different board games and allow the group to split off into smaller groups for a board game-filled afternoon.

It is ultimately up to you to decide which games will best suit the crowd coming to your birthday party. Do not be afraid to poll your guests with ideas to find out, which will be best received. For the best results, you may consider mixing different types of games, such as ice breakers with a game wheel, active games with board games, and so on.

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