Bring Your Party To Life With Photo Booth Rental

Photo booth rental allows you and your guests to create memories that will last a lifetime for a surprisingly small price. Photo booths are one of the newest trends in the world of entertaining and parties. No longer must you hire a professional photographer, nor does one participant have to be saddled with the responsibility of carrying around a camera to visually document an epic get-together.

Starting at around $500, renting a photo booth can help your party be as dynamic and interesting as you could want. Great opportunities for a photo booth include:

Class Reunions
Family Reunions
Corporate Events
Birthday Parties

Any time you are getting together friends and family, a photo booth can help capture those memories in exciting ways which are tailored to your event.


Most rented photo booths are equipped with state of the art technology — not only from an optical perspective, to make sure that all photos are as clean and clear as those taken by a professional photographer—but also with on-the-fly, touchscreen editing, framing, lighting, and backgrounds to create a perfect photo for you and your guests. Many photo booth rental services will also allow for custom logos or watermarks, so ten years from now your friends can instantly recall that particular picture was from your wedding with just a glance.

Fun For Everyone

Most booth rental services come with unlimited use during the rental period, which is usually a number of hours. Because of the number of different settings, props, backgrounds and lighting effects, your guests will be able to take as many photos as they want. With a roughly one minute turnaround time from flash to development and printing, by the end of your event you will have gotten hundreds of uses out of your photo booth. Also, each picture prints at least two copies – one for those photographed, and another for the hosts themselves. Imagine making a scrapbook by picking the best of the best of all the photos taken during the day. The scrapbook you make from the day’s memories will be as exciting and diverse as your guests, and they will get a number of great souvenirs of a wonderful time.

Couples, Singles, Families, Groups

Your sister may want a photo with you, one with her boyfriend, one with your mom and dad, another with your brothers, and on and on. With unlimited use during the rental period, numerous customization options, and a large staging area within the booth itself, everyone from loners to romantic couples to the high school football team can get together and have pictures taken that will capture the magic of the event and the day itself.

Sharing Your Party’s Photos

With large internal memory storage and WiFi connectivity, many photo booths allow you to access digital copies of every photo snapped that day, allowing you to make digital photo albums and share them across any number of social media platforms and photo sharing sites. Make sure that relatives who couldn’t make it across the country for your celebration can see all the fun with just the click of a mouse.

If you’re looking for a unique, cost effective way to make your gathering a hit, be sure to check into photo booth rental.

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Amanda Taylor is Vancouver based blogger and part time party planner who knows how to throw a fun and unique party.

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