Bangkok Flower Show

Thailand is famous for its native flowers, in particular the exquisite Orchid and of course the national flower, the Golden Shower or Ratchaphruek. The nation also holds regular flower festivals, the best-known of which is the Chiang Mai flower festival which attracts flower lovers from all over the world.

Flower Market

But lesser-known is the flower scene in Bangkok. Although it is (quite correctly!) seen as a hot, steamy and hectic city, Bangkok is also the home of many exotic flower shows and vendors. The flower market in Bangkok is one of the largest and most varied in the world, and once a year the Swissotel puts on a spectacular flower show, also attracting international connoisseurs from the corners of the globe.

26 Years Of Bangkok Flower Show

This year will mark the 26th anniversary of this amazing show, started by the old founder of the hotel, Thanpuying Lursakdi Sampatisiri. In those days the hotel was actually the Hilton, and has since been taken over by Swissotel, although fortunately they decided to continue this wonderful tradition. The show takes place in the grounds of this splendid hotel in the centre of Bangkok, mainly in the Nai Lert park adjacent to the hotel, but also around the hotel itself. Also known as the Flower Carnival, the Bangkok Flower Show was originally started to raise money for the poor and underprivileged, and has since grown and become a huge sensation, raising more than 50 million baht for various charities over the years. These charities include medical care for children, education funds for poor people and even environmental work such as protecting mangrove trees from tidal erosion.

Last year was the 25th show, and was the most spectacular show so far, also known as the Silver Jubilee show, and this year can only get better as the show seems to go from strength to strength. Expect incredible flower arrangements all over the hotel and grounds, vendors selling all kinds of exotic flowers, stunning underwater flower displays in the lobby of the hotel and even a large market selling traditional Thai clothes and even food and vegetables. Last year there was a foundation handing out free tree saplings so that every visitor could take a tree back to plant at their home. These wonderful donations took place in the Nai Lert heritage house and this was the first time ever that this house had ever been open to the public. Not only a landmark historical event, but also a beautiful idea that helps to grow the beauty of Thailand all over the country and beyond.

It was estimated that there were over 1 million flowers at last year’s event and this year should be no different. As well as the markets, flowers and incredible displays, you can also expect to see flower arrangement and mini-garden competitions, celebrities, a dog show (a dog and owner fashion matching contest, to be precise!), aquariums and fish displays, fortune tellers, a music concert and of course, being Thailand, delicious cuisines from around the world. This really is much more than just a flower show, more of a celebration of life and all the amazing variety to be found worldwide. The best part is you don’t need to go any further than Bangkok to find all this entertainment!

I am interested in flowers. I have been a flower shop owner in Bangkok for nearly as long as the infamous Bangkok flower show has been running. We have exhibited twice there but unfortunately we have not won any awards though. Taking part in the Bangkok flower show is a lot of fun. We are only a small Bangkok florist but we enjoy competing and that is the main thing.

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