Amazeballs! Christmas Stocking Stuffers That Make Your Eyes Pop!

Now amazeballs has made it into the Collins Online Dictionary I don’t feel so embarrassed using this word anymore.  This word maybe a bit silly but it slips into my vocabulary when I see something really out of the ordinary.  This is what I want my family to think when they open their Christmas stockings!

I don’t want them to see the usual boring gifts of chocolate or oranges.  I want them to be amazed and excited and really get Christmas morning off to a big bang.  This year I have started early with my Christmas shopping and I am determined to get presents that will make my family’s eyes pop open.

The Internet is Your Shopping Buddy

The first and most important weapon in my arsenal for amazing gifts is the Internet.  The amount of online stores now available is truly mind-boggling.  You can buy almost anything online these days and have the option of reaching out to sellers from all around the world.  If you can’t find something amazing online for your gifts then you are not doing it right!

I like to make sure that everyone gets what they really want for Christmas for their main presents.  I always ask my family to make wish lists well in advance.  However for the stocking stuffer gifts I am in control and this gives me the chance to get creative.  Thanks to the Internet stores being available 24/7 it is easy to find some quiet time to sit down and start looking around for inventive and original stocking stuffer gifts.

Great Ideas to Get You Started

Finding new and original stocking stuffer gifts each year is a challenge that I relish.  However I do appreciate that it can be tricky thinking up new gifts all the time.  To get you started I am going to share with you just some of the great shopping tips I have learnt.  Many of these ideas took inspiration from online gift stores which are easy to browse through and often offer some very attractive deals.


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1. Know Your Limits

Firstly it is important to set yourself a budget for your stocking stuffer gifts.  It can be too easy to get carried away when you are shopping. Christmas isn’t about spending lots of money so stay focused and make sure you don’t overstretch your budget.  The great thing about shopping online is that most webstores offer price range search parameters.  This means you can select your own price range and bring up only those gifts that match this onscreen.

2. Know Your Recipients

It also helps if you take some time to think about the person the stocking stuffer gifts are for. This can help to give you inspiration and find gifts that will be of interest to them.  For example one of your stocking recipients may be interested in wine.  You could buy them a personalised bottle of wine online that has their name printed on the label for something that little bit more personal and special.

3. If you can’t be Accurate be Funny!

You may have to make up a Christmas stocking for someone you don’t know very well.  This happened to me when my daughter’s best friend from university stayed with us for Christmas one year.  I wasn’t sure about her likes and dislikes so I choose some cute, funny items that would make them both laugh as they opened their stockings.

Funny stocking stuffer gifts always go down well and help to set a good mood for Christmas morning.  There are lots of funny gifts available online from small Christmas joke books to novelty mobile phone covers.

Buying stocking stuffers is lots of fun online and you can find some great inspiration from the various Internet gift shops.  It is a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to look around.  However if you do leave it until the last minute then look out for those websites that can offer next day delivery.

I love to amaze my friends and family with the great stocking stuffer gifts I buy online.  The Internet is teeming with fantastic gift ideas so go online now and get cracking with your Christmas shopping.

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