A Bride’s Guide: Tips for Looking Beautiful in Photos

The big day has finally come—you’re going to get married! Congratulations on this joyous occasion. We are sure that you have everything covered—wedding plans all laid to perfection, the food and wine ready, the guests all coming to celebrate this momentous occasion with you.

Of course, you know that you are the star of the show—and everyone’s eyes will be trained on you. Your photographs are taken in a rapid pace, as your wedding photographer makes sure he always captures that moment in a photograph that will truly make you remember forever.

Looking beautiful in photographs is always a great way to increase self-esteem and confidence, especially during your wedding. You’re the bride and you should know that you will probably be the most-photographed person on your wedding. It’s always a great idea to put your best foot forward in making sure that every photograph of you looks great, memorable, and special! There is nothing better than a great photograph to make you remember that great, joyful moment when you finally said “yes” to your lifelong partner.

If you are still camera-shy, don’t be! It’s your moment to shine. Here are some tips on how to look beautiful on your wedding photographs.

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The Bride’s Guide

  1. Your bouquet is a meaningful symbol of your wedding. Make sure that you are holding it on a waist level, when you walk down the aisle.
  2. When it comes to that “You may kiss the bride!” moment, it’s always a good idea to hold the kiss for a couple of seconds longer so that you may be photographed from all angles. Give it about 5 seconds so that the photographer may have the opportunity to get your best angle and capture it in a photograph.
  3. Act natural. Most wedding photographers look for those unscripted moments that make the moment more special and interesting. You’ll never know if that next shot of you laughing carelessly would probably your best one!
  4. The moments before the wedding are crucial to any wedding photographer. This is the best time for them to capture those real moments, such as bridesmaids helping each other with their dresses, those minutes when the bride finds herself alone with herself, her parents, and her loved ones, the groomsmen putting on their ties and helping the groom, etc. Make sure to look at your best during these moments—smile, laugh, be natural.

Before we go..

Your wedding is bound to be special, and your wedding photographer will make sure that you’ll have a memorable one through capturing moments that will define your wedding through wonderful and beautiful photographs. Looking beautiful on your wedding is always a priority, and photographs serve as a reminder on how spectacular you looked during your big day. Congratulations!

About the Author:
Rachel recently got married, and was inspired to write some tips to help other brides with some tips for the photos.


  1. Lito Pere says:

    It is nice when everything is well planned to avoid later unexpected turn of events occur. Nothing beats being informed and well prepared on such special occasions. Two thumbs up.

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