9 Wedding Picture Ideas For Amateurs

Wedding photography has changed dramatically since the invention of the camera.  Stiff and formal cookie-cutter poses were the norm decades ago.  But now, imagination is encouraged to flash from behind the lens.  Wedding picture frames are filled with creative shots capturing the uniqueness of every wedding.

1. Candid/Impromptu – Posed pictures still fill photo albums, but these shots should be spiced up with some candid ones to bring out the fun.

2. Before the Procession – It’s been ingrained in us to snap away continuously during the procession down the aisle.  Of course you want to capture these moments, but they can be as boring as stiff soldiers marching down the street.  Try getting some pictures of the party lining up and coupling off just before the procession begins — especially paying attention to the father of the bride and his daughter.  These can be emotional times.

3. Emotion – Don’t be afraid to capture it.  You might feel awkward zooming in on the groom shedding a tear, but these are the moments the couple will want to remember forever.

4. Environment – Don’t forget to capture the weather.  A little rain or high wind might be unwelcome at a wedding, but it’s these things that add to the uniqueness of that particular wedding.  Make sure to include any sweeping views or other unique aspects of the location as well.

5. Details – Couples will be so caught up in the moment that they may not be able to enjoy the little things at their celebration.  Try to get a few tight shots of table settings, menus, and chairs.  Also, think creatively like focusing in below the knees of a group of people.  A portrait of shoes can be fun.

6. The Couple as a Frame – A great way to get shots of family and other guests is from up on the alter.  Shoot through the couple as they say their vows to capture the expressions of the attendees.  These shots will look great in the wedding picture frames.

7. Shot List From the Couple – Run through your ideas with the couple before the wedding.  This will give them an idea of what’s going to happen, and give them a chance to express any specific shots they want included.

8. Case the Spot – If you can, arrive at the location early (or even a day or two before the wedding), and figure out the lighting and angles.

9. Display Shots at the Reception – Another great idea is to bring your computer and upload all the photos from the ceremony on the spot.  Then display the photos as a slideshow at the reception.  But make sure to keep snapping away because now the drinks are flowing, and it’s going to get good.

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