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About Birthstone Jewlery

If you were born in the month of March, chances are you are familiar with your birthstone, aquamarine.  This gorgeous blue-green stone is less flashy than diamonds, but definitely a true beauty on its own.  Many jewelry store websites offer aquamarine jewelry, in particular aquamarine rings, but some of the most beautiful aquamarine rings can be found at Aston Royal.

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Aston Royal’s rings are unlike any offered elsewhere on the internet.  The company’s passion for unique and unusual jewelry designs is evident in their ring designs.  The rings themselves are stunning, and the stones are an amazing brilliant blue-green, often accented with diamonds which really help provide a wonderful contrast and bring out the gorgeous color of the aquamarine gems set into the ring.

About Birthston Rings

In just the birthstone rings category, Aston Royal offers up several designs, none of them plan and boring, all of them head-turning and sure to make you want to show off that ring at every opportunity.  A favorite and unique design on the Aston Royal site is the aquamarine bow ring.  This is a design you likely have never seen before, and it’s sure to draw positive comments from your friends and relatives when they see it.

Another ring designed to accentuate the beautiful aquamarine center stone is the East West Aquamarine & Diamond ring.  This ring is set in white gold and the center piece of which is an oval-shaped aquamarine of over 3 carats.  70 smaller diamonds, totaling 1/2 carat weight, accentuate the aquamarine and do so in a beautiful pattern that is unmatched by other rings you might see on the internet.  Even better, the price is well within the affordable range, as is all of the jewelry on the Aston Royal site.

In addition to buying beautiful rings with aquamarine at the site, you can also purchase earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets set with aquamarine stones.  These make for perfect accessories to wear for a night out on the town, and will match your beautiful ring.  Showing up at a dinner party decked out in beautiful aquamarine jewelry is sure to turn heads and impress your friends and co-workers.  Again, many of these additional jewelry pieces are of a unique or unusual design, and many are also likewise accentuated with smaller diamonds that contract and sparkle beautifully next to your aquamarine centerpiece stones.

In addition to the beautiful jewelry, Aston Royal goes out of its way to make the shopping experience a customized and personal one.  Not sure exactly what you want?  Discuss with them the details, your budget, who you are shopping for and the occasion and the friendly customer service staff at Aston Royal will be glad to help you pick the perfect gift for that perfect person.
In addition, the gift will arrive in beautiful packaging that is refined and stylish.  Such a beautiful gift is sure to get the recipient’s heart racing with excitement before the box is even opened.  Aston Royal’s gift wrapping is so attractive that you will most likely find that no additional wrapping or fancying up the gift is necessary, just hand it to the lucky recipient as-is and watch their eyes light up.

Quality Services

If you aren’t happy with your product, and it is still in the original shape it was when you received it, you can give the friendly customer service reps at Aston Royal a call and they will gladly help you get started on the path to properly send back the product.  Aston Royal cares about your satisfaction and wants to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Aston Royal Jewelry has every birth stone in stock. We have a variety of birthstone jewelry and other types of jewelry. Such as, aquamarine rings, unique engagement rings, diamond jewelry, pink diamond jewelry and more available to fulfill anyone’s need for the perfect piece of jewelry.

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