Big Country at the Liverpool Warehouse !

The Venue

In the early 1980’s Liverpool boasted a corker of a concert venue and club called the Warehouse. The venue was situated in Fleet Street and was literally an old warehouse with no frills but plenty of thrills ! The Warehouse hosted all of the up and coming acts of the day and I was privileged to work there and witness some epic gigs.


I was beyond excited when Big Country appeared on the gig list for 1st April 1983 as I was a huge fan of the Skids, the previous band of lead singer and guitarist Stuart Adamson. I had already heard and loved Big County’s early releases and at the time of the gig the band were sitting at number 7 in the charts with “Fields of Fire”. When I arrived at the venue on the evening of the gig I was shocked to see just how many people were enthusiasts of the group, there were literally hundreds of people in the street outside shouting and screaming for a glimpse of the band.

Avoiding a Hero

I arrived, as planned, just after the sound check was complete as I had made it clear to all of my colleagues that I did not wish to meet Stuart Adamson, a hero of mine, in case I was disappointed ! I was assured that the band had left for a break before their performance and so entered the dressing room to deliver their drinks and food. I was rather stunned on opening the door carrying a crate of lager to discover the band, including Adamson, sitting there waiting for me. I promptly dropped the lager and uttered an expletive, well several expletives and probably went very red. I had been royally set-up !

No Disappointment

As it turned out I should have had no fear of meeting my hero. All of the band members were completely charming especially Adamson and Tony Butler (bass guitar). They were most grateful for their drinks which were actually now lying smashed all over the floor, and said they hoped I would enjoy the concert. I said virtually nothing as I was so embarrassed !


The Performance

By the time the gig was about to start and after all the build-up I was praying that I and the rest of the capacity crowd would not be disappointed by Big Country ! I decided to watch from the DJ’s box for the best possible view and took my position just before the band walked out onto the stage. From the moment the first chord was played the gig was an electric series of high energy renditions which had everyone present enthralled and dancing. The roof nearly flew off when the band played “Fields of Fire” and I thought they might actually all collapse at the end from the sheer exertion of it all. Butler on his bass guitar must have worked off several pounds and Bruce Watson looked close to a heart attack. Happily they all survived and invited me to their dressing room after the performance.

Back in the Dressing Room

Meeting the group again was a wonderful surprise and this time I had plenty to say! I couldn’t quite find the words to tell them how good I thought they were but I think they got a rough idea! I was so sad when the evening was over but I will always treasure the memories of that wonderful night.

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