Top Five Useful Tarot Card Reading Techniques

Top Five Useful Tarot Card Reading Techniques

Visualize your last tarot spread, was it the same one you have used many times before? There are wide varieties of tarot spreads you can use depending on the situation symbolization you are trying to sustain. Nearly all people have questions for psychics or ask a clairvoyant or tarot reader most often about looking for love, relationships, career choices, personal growth and health. Here is the top tarot reading spread a psychic can use to help provide answers to questions. Between tarot readings and medium readings, a questioner should be happy and secure with their future.

Tarot Spread When Looking for Love and Romance

This spread is a seven card spread, as a basic spread, this should be easy to read and helpful to answering questions since each card represents a different question. Easy to set up, start with your first card on the bottom, second card right above and third card laid above that in a straight row. The fourth and fifth card goes in a row to the left of that row, with the fourth on the bottom. Sixth and seventh, go on the right side of the first row, with the sixth on bottom.

First card – Is there romance in the future?

Second card – Will the love be similar to one in the past?

Third card – Will the relationship be happy?

Fourth card – Will there be commitment.

Fifth card – Will there be marriage

Sixth card – Will it be lasting?

Seventh card – How do you find this love?

Relationship Spread

A spread consisting of six cards, the relationship spread offers options to address issues in a relationship. Set this spread up with three rows across, cards one and two top row; three, four, and five second row; card six on the bottom.

Card one represents the questioner and their feelings

Card two represents the partner

Card three is what brings them together

Card four shows the relationship strengths

Card five shows the weaknesses

Card six tells if the relationship can be successful and what areas need additional attention.

Career Choice Spread

Careers can require difficult decisions to be made, and a tarot reading can help. The spread is a five card cross, with your first card the center of the cross, card two is to the left, three to the right, four below and five above.

Card one is the questioners present feeling

Card two is past influences

Card three is future outlooks

Card four is a reason why the questioner should go that way

Card five explains why the questioner has potential

Personal Growth Spread

Personal growth is something many people want to know about, in a straightforward manner, and this spread offers that. With seven cards in a horseshoe shape, starting with your first card on the left and ending with the seventh card on the right.

First card – Past attitude

Second card – Present attitude

Third card – How the past has influenced

Fourth card – How the future will influence

Fifth card – Future attitude

Six card – Future sum up

Seventh card- Final thought card

Health Spread

The health spread is five cards, starting with the first and ending with the fifth in a straight row.

Card one – explains what is making the questioner feel well

Card two – explains what needs to be worked on to feel better

Card three – external resources for the questioner to be healthier

Card four – improvements to make internally

Card five – advice overall

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Liam Patel is a research leader on Psychic Readings. His work has particularly focused on Tarot Reading Techniques.

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