How to Use Good Fortune Charms

Good fortune bracelets and charms are believed to bring luck to anyone wearing them.  The secret of good luck charms and bracelets is that they bring in positive forces and remove the negative ones from the bearer’s life.  Aside from the positive energy of their physical form, good fortune charms and bracelets also bring good luck because of the spiritual energy harnessed during the charms’ consecration and faith placed by people who possess these charms and bracelets.  As a matter of fact, Queen Victoria wore charm bracelets during her reign.  That’s why these charms and bracelets gained popularity and became fashionable accessories.

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Steps in using good fortune charms and bracelets

In order to maximize these good fortune charms and bracelets, you must be able to use them properly.  Here are some steps in using them:

Step #1 –  Consult various experts.
Charms and good luck are related to astrology and feng shui.  You may opt to consult experts in these fields to know which ones to wear, and when to wear them.

Step #2 – Use these charms as protection.
Good fortune charms and bracelets also repel energies that are best left outside your own energy field.

Step #3 – Know how to position or wear these charms properly.
Good luck charms and crystals can work even if you’re not wearing them.  They may also be positioned in the home or office to serve the same purpose of attracting positive energy.

Step #4 – Be cautious of cultural beliefs.
Different religions and cultures may vary in their belief and usage of these charms.  Know the conventions and respect them.

Step #5 – Believe in the charms and bracelets.
They would just be ordinary pieces of jewelry unless you believe in their powers.

Reminders on using these charms

You should always have positive attitude to attract positive energy and good luck, and to make the charms work for you.  Likewise, your luck shouldn’t depend on them.  No matter how plenty of charms and bracelets you wear, it won’t bring you good luck, prosperity, or keep you safe from accidents if you don’t work hard and take care of your self.

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  1. niairen01 says:

    Asking consultation for feng shui expert is another additional for “Expense List”. There are other ways to know which charms works for you according to your needs. Each stones and gems have their own descriptions and wonders, like for example, jade is for health and well being, harmony and emotional balance, Onyx relieves stress and for higher inspiration etc… there are many sites out there that explain this all and some even have pictures for visual familiarity of the crystals. choose what kind of luck and charm are you looking for, and try to research for the stones/ crystals that gives this wonder. so the next time you go to the good luck charm store, you already know what you’re looking for!

    and oh! be careful with those “good luck charms” esp. those with crystals in it.. you can never know if its fake or not. I think the real ones are naturally colder than the synthetic ones. so try to feel it in your hands.

  2. Charms whether real or not, synthetic or natural, have been with us for hundreds of years. From an alligator’s tooth to a rabbit’s foot, humans have always believed in things that give them good luck. In recent times, the Chinese Community are most usually the ones who believe in Good Fortune Charms and they claim that various stones can affect the outcome of one’s day and fortune yet they also claim that if you do not believe in its power, it will not come true. Making it somewhat foolish and some Christians actually consider these kinds of charms as blasphemous and works of the devil. All in All these charms work because of our mind, because once we set our mind into believing something good will happen then something good is bound to happen.

  3. Originally, the wearing of charm bracelets is a type of a talisman to defend against the devil or bad luck. Now, the only motivation that people wear good fortune charms is the hope that everything will be better. Hope is an incredibly powerful thing to have. It moves people to great bearings they never thought possible. People take opportunities and new experiences. Hope gives birth to fresh starts. People never realize it but just putting on charm jewelry, they would wear hopeful thinking every day.

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