How to Read Tarot Cards

So, you have a tarot deck and excited to use it, you put out the cards, and you open the how to book that you bought so cheap that you did not bother thinking before paying. You see deck lists with multitudes of meanings for each card. You get dizzy, then a migraine, until you throw the book out the window. What to do: segregate the Major from the Minor and use the following tips and steps. Your life will be a lot easier.

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Step 1: shuffle the Major, then set them out in rows of 3 each, then put the odd one to the side. This would be the outcome.

Step 2: look at the cards- use the guides from renowned authors/experts, along with your own analysis.

Step 3: Check out the patterns that grab you: are there recurring shapes or are opposites in pictures very startling? Here is one word of advice: reading for your own fortune is taboo. Reason is self-evident: how can you be totally objective?

Step 4: if reading for another, avoid asking his or her thoughts. If he or she tells, his present idea on a problem is likely not the real issue.

Step 5: Do your own guide, get a Major daily, then assess the figures that are shown. Jot down the card and your thoughts, then at the end of your day, compare the actual events and what the records show.

Step 6: know the following: Minor signifies human experiences. Cups are love and emotions, while the Swords are conflicts.

The wands represent health and creativity, while Pentacles signify business/money. For you to comprehend these, put each suit in strict order. Your deck must have pictures in Minor, so if you like the Major of Deck A, but the Minor look like ordinary casino cards, then get the two and mix them up. Jot down what you think the tale of every suit is, then come up with your interpretation.

Reading tarot cards is also a skill, and just like all skills in the world, you will only get proficient on it through lots of practice. If you do it often enough, you’ll get the hang of it until you see that all your friends are asking you to do a reading for them.

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  1. Henryson says:

    I am so amazed to any person that can read through tarot cards. I believe they have ESP ability which is responsible for such predictions. I actually had one experience when we went to a fortune teller to consult for something. He drew out his Tarot cards and begin to reveal things related to us, things which were never told to the fortune teller at the beginning of the session. He only required us to write our names and date of birth. I do not know how he got all our personal information using only Tarot cards. He’s just so amazing.

  2. DrixProject says:

    We should not rely on man made cards that tells us the future. What makes life beautiful is the fact that it is a BIG surprise…We just don’t know what’s gonna happen next. I don’t want to know what’s waiting for me in the future, and I don’t care. It’s better to live life one day at a time….

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