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Also called as chiromancy or palmisty, palm-reading is being done in so many different countries. Its roots lie on the fortune-telling of the gypsy people. The goal of the activity (trade if you want to call it that) is to evaluate one’s future or character by studying the palm. If you are just a novice who likes to get started on this, or you just want to learn a new horizon, then this short article would serve. It’s a crash course on the fundamentals of palm reading.

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Step 1: Select a hand, but according to experts, it’s better to use the non-dominant hand.

Step 2: Pinpoint the four lines- heart line, head line, life life, and the fate line. Take note that regarding the last, not all people have it.

Step 3: Do the interpretation of the heart line: it could be read in either way (from pinkie to the index or the other way around). This is supposed to indicate the person’s emotional strength, romantic perspectives, the cardiac condition, and even depression. Here are some of the guidelines:

If it starts below the index finger, person is contented with his or her love life.
If it starts below the middle finger, he is selfish regarding amorous relationships.
If short and straight, his priority lies in other things
If curvy and long, he freely shows emotions.
If there is a circle on the line, depression is indicated.
If there is a broken line, an emotional trauma is indicated.

Step 4: check the head line- this purportedly represents the drive to learn, learning styles, and communication attributes of the person. Here are the things to remember:

A short line means he prefers physical activities more than mental ones.
A sloping and curved line means creativity.
If it is cut off from the life line, sense of adventure is indicated.
If there are donuts or a cross in the head line, an emotional hardship is indicated.
A broken head line would reflect inconsistencies in one’s thinking

Step 5: study the life line – this starts near one’s thumb then traverses in an arc going to the wrist. It reflects overall well-being and physical health. It also reflects big life chances like a relocation or a major family tragedy. Notwithstanding the name, the length is definitely not indicative of one’s life span. Here are the things to remember:

If it goes close to the thumb- person is often tired.
If curvy, it indicates an energetic person.
If it’s deep and long, vitality is indicated.
If it’s shallow or short, it indicates that the person is prone to being manipulated by others.
If there is a break, it indicates a sudden transition in the lifestyle.

Step 6: the fate line- it is more dramatically called as the line of destiny, what this points to is the degree to which his/her life is impacted by outside circumstances that he has no control over. It starts at the palm’s base and these are a few of the guidelines:

If it’s a deep one, it indicates he/she is strongly controlled by destiny.
If there are changes in direction, it indicates he is prone to a lot of changes coming from external factors.
If it begins at the thumb’s base and crosses the life line, then support is given by his friends or relatives.

It may not be a hard cold science, but palm reading has multitudes of followers- from the enthusiasts who bring out the skill just for fun, to the experts who do charge money for sessions. To be grounded on the basics, you have to be oriented on the particulars of the four lines: heart, head, the life line and fate line.

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  1. potrish78 says:

    How accurate is palm reading?

    Up to now there is no irrefutable confirmation of the relationship between the palm line structures and the personality of the subject or their future. There is no proven proof that a person’s life is directly linked with the lines of the palms. Knowledge of palm reading, therefore, should be limited to amusement intention only. Be very careful in predicting negative future events for the subject as this could cause distress or depression to the person. It could be fun though when you have gatherings at your place and you want to entertain your visitors. A light and simple palm reading could be enjoyable and exciting. You can also try this with your family and friends to impress them with your newest skill. But keep in mind that these things should not be treated accurate and truthful.

  2. Palm reading, or chiromancy and chirognomy, is considered a pseudoscience. Much like, astrology, numerology horoscopes and physic predictions. But what makes this different is that it can be done, right there and then, and the tools that are needed is a clairvoyant mind/person and the most important of all, the palm. Still, predictions that come up from Palm Reading should not be taken seriously and are mostly false and untrue. But that doesn’t mean you can’t impress with your friends with it.

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