How to Intepret Dreams

By answering the question how do you interpret dreams with a brutal go and buy one of those dream dictionaries- it does meet the query, to a point. It is however, a most sophomoric approach to a complicated process. Not everything could be researched from a dream dictionary, no matter how good the author may be. Here are some tips for a more sophisticated process, check out the five steps and you could start studying your dreams.

Step 1: the Emotions – your reaction when you wake up is the first hint to the meaning, and in certain times, the most crucial. Don’t worry if you could not understand the meaning, just remember how you felt.

Step 2: the Actions: this deals with the events in the dream. Mentally capsulize the dream into a very short accounting of the actions. Here is an example: a young lady dreams of running after a bunny- chasing it over grass, soil and hills and yet could not capture it. Tired, she sat down on a rock to gather herself, and as she did, another bunny slowly came up to her and settled into her hands. Thus, the dreamer could turn the storyline into some sort of a moral lesson: you could get your objectives by remain composed and collected, let it come to you. The key is in the creation of generalities.

Step 3: ask the question- does this story match a facet of my life? A funny or amusing dream is not just an entertaining tale, sometimes, it is your subconscious (or God, or outer space, whatever your beliefs) telling you something related to your life.


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Step 4: check the Symbols: there are two ways of doing this. First is by the Freud Association, where you phrase recall experiences for similarities in terms of symbols. Another is the Jung’s method, where you would attempt to list all present associations with that particular symbol or symbols.

Step 5: Use the Insights: by this stage, you could then have your own reading of the dream, one that you could sincerely believe in. Also, write the directive the dream is telling you. Is it to move to another company, or take care of dwindling funds, or something else?

By getting insights, you would be able to make sense of many of your dreams, and possibly, derive self-satisfaction. Like putting up a house brick by brick, doing this 5-step process would help you add spice to your life. Plus, you’ll find that sleeping becomes a more interesting part of your existence.

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  1. There are people who believe that dreams have meanings while there are those who do not. In my case, there are times that I see my dreams come true. I don’t know if it is just me or maybe I am just being weird. Sometimes when something happens, it makes me remember that the event actually happened in my dream. Many times this has happened to me but maybe I really am just thinking too much. Dreams may have meanings in our life and have its own purpose to serve in our lives. There may be studies that shows things about it but in my opinion, one can never tell what it really means or what is its purpose that serves in our life. “Why do we really have dreams? Why can’t we just sleep normally without them?” is sometimes my question in life.

  2. Sofia Cope says:

    Some people keep a dream journal to help them understand and interpret their dreams better. A dream journal is where dreams are being recorded. Nightly dreams, waking dreams, and personal reflections of one’s dreams are documented in a dream journal. Writing in a dream journal was recommended by PhD Ann Faraday in her book, The Dream Game. No matter how memorable some dreams may seem, we still tend to forget most of them that is why dream journals are being suggested to help us recall our dreams. Reading through the entries, people sometimes discover patterns that help them associate their dreams with current situations in their lives.

  3. In reality, dreams can be interpreted. Various experiments from well-known researchers have been conducted because they believe that the dream is a powerful tool of the human brain and that they may mean something if interpreted correctly. Whether it is something born out of stress, emotions or a mixture of these still puzzles scientists and researchers alike. But what puzzles them is the inconsistency of this phenomenon. Some days we will dream, some days we won’t, even if they were particularly the same as the last day we had a dream. Whatever its purpose is, we can be assured that dreams play a significant role in our daily lives, especially when we sleep.

  4. Henryson says:

    I have a Psychology subject and we discussed about dreams. But I believe there are particular people to approach if you want your dreams to be interpreted. We discussed also about Deja Vu which foretells a future happening in your life. It’s pretty cool that you know what’s going to happen during the time, hence you can prevent any trouble that might happen. Our brain is so strong that it can gather past memories even those memories that will still happen in the future.

  5. marynavoa says:

    I believe that dreams are always something to do with what you are always thinking. I mean for example things that makes you happy or things that bothers you. So for me interpreting dream is always something to consider.

  6. Rudkin Adriano says:

    I believe that dreams is what we want unconsciously. There’s an incident happened to me years ago when I did something terribly wrong. It caused me to have sleepless nights and that incident keeps on coming and coming on my dreams but with different ending. It’s funny because the ending is somewhat what I like.

  7. SuZi Tanada says:

    When talking about dreams it makes me listen attentively to what people may share about it. I want to listen what are their dreams.

    As for me, every time I dreamed I have this difficulty in “talking” and saying WORDS out loud. But in most of my dreams I can fly, I can ran fast, I can swim and can breath for long hours under water.

    There are times that I dreamed of people that I haven’t seen yet – mostly the dead people. First was when I dreamed about the deceased brother of my late husband. He was telling me to take good care of Marlon (my late husband). True enough, my late husband got sick of colon cancer. I was with him all throughout his agony and was able to take good care of him even up to his last breath.

    And the 2nd dream I’ve had was just recently. I was able to talk with the late mom of my boyfriend. She was telling me to LOVE him and make him feel that he’s being LOVED. It feels so real that every time I have this ill-feelings toward my boyfriend it’s easily being managed. It seems like my heart has grown big to understand him and love him all the more in spite of his imperfections.

    I believe that our dreams is connecting us from the past, at the present and to the future. It may also lead and guide us to our destiny in order to orchestrate our fate.

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