How to Get Answers from Tarot Card Reading

Although the origins of tarot cards are largely debated, it is widely accepted that some of the earliest tarot card decks were created during the 1500s.  Originally, tarot cards were only used as playing cards, until people started using them as a means for divination later on.  Today, many people consult tarot cards for guidance, advice, and answers to life and its many questions.  If you are getting started on tarot, you may be looking to take that next step and start making your own readings.

The basics on tarot card reading

Before you can start making tarot card readings, it’s important to gain a solid foundation on this divination technique.  There are numerous types of readings that you can perform.  The two most popular kinds of tarot card readings are “open readings” and more specific readings.  *Open readings*  are like open-ended consultations to the tarot cards, asking for guidance and insight for your current situation and the possibilities for your future.  On the other hand, tarot card question readings are more specific and focused on particular problems, questions, or concerns.

In most cases, it is best to start with specific tarot card readings, because they allow you to concentrate and focus on what you are asking about, how you think and feel about the topic, as well as why you are asking the question.  Focus is an important part of getting better readings.

How to do question reading

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting answers from question readings:

1.  The first step is to understand your tarot deck.

2.  Before consulting the tarot cards, meditate on questions you want to ask.  Focus your mind, heart, and energy into what you are asking and why.

3.  Take down any significant information about your state of mind and the things going on around you as you meditate and make your reading.  Remember, this plays a vital role in tarot readings, so you may find that your reading will be affected by such circumstances.

4.  Perform your card reading.  Different systems of tarot have different reading methods.

5.  Dedicate yourself to making a strong bond with your tarot deck to improve your understanding of tarot and your readings.

Pros and cons of open readings


–  Open readings can reveal a lot of information about your current circumstances, things to look out for in your future, and  also serve as a guide to your actions and decisions.  In basic terms, open readings give you a better understanding of the “big picture”.

–  If you feel you are well experienced in question readings, you may want to practice open reading to get a deeper understanding of tarot.


–  Open readings can be difficult to focus and understand as a beginner to tarot.  To succeed at interpreting an open reading, it takes a thorough understanding of each card and the relationships between each card.

–  You can get easily drained when trying to perform an open reading, because it covers such a broad range of topics.

–  Open readings can be vague.

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  1. whimsical1207 says:

    I am an avid fan of the tarot cards and tarot reading. As a matter of fact I am trying to learn how to read and interpret the cards. I am still a novice though and hope to master it because i believe that is a very helpful tool in making decisions in your life. The tarot will not tell the future rather it will shape the future depending on the decisions that you make in the present. Present reading outcomes are not absolute but subject to change depending on the choices that we make in life. So, when we do readings or ask others to read the tarot for us remember that we have free will and we should do what we think is the best for us.

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