How to Find and Interpret Your Life Number

Life numbers supposedly reveal the basic character and traits of the person, and the root comes from the birthdate. Let us say Mr Marks was born in 7-3-1962, adding all the digits, we will arrive at 28. Add 2 and 8 to get 10, then add the 1 and the zero, we have one. One then is the life number of Marks. That is basically how easy it is, just add them all up until you reach the 1-digit conclusion. What about yours, it is easy to get it within seconds, but do you know what the digit signifies? Here is a crash course that will orient you on what the different life numbers mean.

The number 1’s: self-motivated and independent, he/she hates asking for help. These are individuals who are multi-taskers and being busy is crucial to their lifestyle. They are usually critical of themselves and it goes on to being critical of those around them.

The number 2: these individuals are peace-minded and loyal to their friends. Companionship is one of the things they value the most, and this includes the romantic attachments.

The number 3: these people are good communicators in either verbal or written. Many of them are counselors, performers, singers, actors, radio broadcasters, etc. They have the obsession of using their creative energy on things, otherwise, they may get manic-depressive.

The number 4: these are the homebodies. Cerebral in nature, organized in their habits, they hate it when things are not returned to where they should be.


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The number 5: the adventure-loving individuals, and it is expected that they would have a hard time in settling down. Naturally, many of them remain as bachelors because they fear getting smothered in a relationship commitment.

The number 6: these are the Nurturers- if male, he makes it a point to help out ladies in problematic situations. However, if the number 6 is a woman, she would act like a mom to the men in her social orbit. These are magnetic folks, oftentimes, they grab people’s attention.

The number 7: the loners but of the cerebral mold. These people love the natural attractions: flowers, grass, oceans, etc.

The number 8: this is the kind of person who finds it hard accepting advices from others. Honest yes, but because the natural tendency is to be blunt, they unintentionally offend others. Still, they feel strongly for most things in their lives.

The number 9: these persons are natural leaders, and they could easily take care of others but they have to learn reaching out when it’s their turn to seek some form of aid.

Some people think of numerology as a big quackery, but seeing so many people all over the world who believe in it, it is one of those things that could not be discounted totally. Plus, the simplicity of it (as opposed to memorizing tarot card meanings) entices so many people to know more.

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  1. whimsical1207 says:

    A lot of people are skeptical about numerology but it is interesting and often fun to know about it. Knowing about your life number can be helpful to get to know and understand yourself more. I must admit that I was surprised when I found out that I was an 8. All along i thought I must be a 6. I am the eldest in the family and since my parents migrated to another country I have been the nurturer. It is very natural for me to take care of the needs of others. So, it was a surprise for me when I found out that I was an 8. Although I really can’t say that I am blunt I can say that i often do not listen to other’s advice. It dawned into me that that must be the reason why I often commit mistakes and it was because I do not listen thus I learned a lot of things the hard way, through experiences. I think its good to try a lot of things to get to know yourself better, like getting your life number. It will benefit you and maybe you can change something in your life to be better person.

  2. SuZi Tanada says:

    I don’t really believe in this but it’s fun to find out what is your life number. My birthdate is 01 02 1974. To find out my Life Number, add 01 + 02 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 24. Then add digits 2 + 4 to obtain a one-digit Life Number. So in my case the answer is 6. As I looked up and read my result I was surprised. I would agree to that result and it’s really ME. I love nurturing people, taking good care of people especially those who are dear to me. So to all skeptics out there, why don’t you just try it. And just try to check out your own result. Maybe, what it has to tell about you is true.

  3. yvonne t. says:

    This is quite fun! My birth date is 12 08 1988 so adding these numbers will give me 2008, and adding 2 and 8 you’ll get 10.. I’m quite confused here do i need to add these numbers, 1 and 0? Hehehe because I think there is no 10 on the selction, nevertheless what I did is actually add 1 and 0 then I got 1. Any way the meaning is actually quite correct as I am very independent and I enjoy doing something and being busy. So eventually whether this is right or wrong it still YOU who knows yourself better than anyone or any number can tell or predict.

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