How to Cast a Simple Love Spell that Works

Love spells are used to attract love and improve or strengthen relationships.  Love spells are often related and used with love potions.  The creation of love potions entails chants or magic words.  Nobody can tell if these love spells truly work, but it won’t hurt to try casting a simple love spell.

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Steps on casting a love spell

There are many love spells.  Here is one example, the lovers’ candle spell.  Below are the easy steps to cast this candle spell:

Step #1 –  Prepare the following materials: 2 red candles, red wine, ground cinnamon, 2 shallow bowls.
Step #2 –  Each person shall light one candle and warm his or her bowl filled with some wine.
Step #3 –  Add cinnamon and swirl the bowl.  Then slowly breathe into your bowl.
Step #4 –  Recite “May the union of man and woman bring pleasure and happiness to both”, then let the bowls touch each other.
Step #5 –  Let the natural forces work.

Reminders on using a love spell

Many would attest that love potions and love spells work.  The ingredients used in making these spells are what people call aphrodisiacs.  These aphrodisiacs are herbs, spices, or scents that arouse romantic feelings and increase libido.  It makes one feel more attracted and in love.

The effectiveness of love spells would depend on the person’s faith in magic, phase of the moon, and the overall will of the universe.  The experience and mental condition of the practitioner would also matter, as well as proper use of materials.  The practitioner should be in the mood when casting the spell.  Spells should not be used with the intention to harm other people or wish them ill faith.  More importantly, you shouldn’t solely rely on love spells to improve your life’s romance.  Do your part to please your partner and commit yourself to keeping a happy relationship.


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  1. whimsical1207 says:

    There is nothing wrong if anybody would want to try love spells or love potions. We should just put in mind that there is no guarantee that the person whom the love spell or love potion is directed to will love us back. On the other hand if we try to do love spells on the person whom we are in a relationship with, then there is a big chance that love can be rekindled. Doing love spells or using love potions when you are in a relationship can probably make the relationship spicier. Couples can do it just for fun or use to make the relationship stronger.

  2. A Love Spell is no sure way of making someone fall in love with you. Although I am not saying that I am against such ideas, but rather, your efforts would seem rather useless and pointless unless it is something that both of you, as a couple decide to do as an activity or just maybe plainly out of boredom. Since this is about Aphrodisiacs, something that doesn’t need incantations and a whole lot of herbs would be the world famous “chocolate”. This sweet, finger-licking tasty delights have proven time and time again, even by scientific standards that they are by far the only known Aphrodisiac to mankind.

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