How to Attract Wealth Through the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is definitely one of the basic universal laws that govern the whole universe and life’s basic principles.  Simply put, you attract whatever you think about.  “Like attracts like” is the simplest definition of the law of attraction.

Subjective reality is an underlying concept under the law of attractions.  It implies that you are the only consciousness and reality is actually the projection of your thoughts.

Steps in using the law of attraction to attract wealth

Thoughts and emotions are considered powerful creators.  So if you think positive thoughts, such as good health, fulfilling career, good and harmonious relationships, and prosperity and wealth, the more they will become reality.  Here are the steps in using the law of attraction to attract wealth:

Step #1 – Ask.  Know what you truly want and what would make you happy.  In this case, determine how you want to become wealthy.

Step #2 – Believe.  Have faith that what you want to happen will happen.  Put your fears and doubts aside.

Step #3 – Receive.  Know when good opportunity comes and be ready to seize them.  Thinking about what you want is not enough.  Now is the time to act on them for you to truly become successful and wealthy.

Step #4 – Do away with internal conflict.  Since you’re the only intender, don’t hold back on your thoughts.

Step #5 – Make an affirmation that the law works.  This will then motivate you.  You can also affirm change of things you no longer want to happen and it will happen.

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Reminders and tips

Keep in mind that “like attract likes” so if you want to make the law of attraction work for you, you must not think of negative thoughts and dwell too much on the past.  Instead, live for the moment and make things happen.  If you focus on wanting to live a happy and abundant life, it will happen.  Master the law of attraction and take charge of your destiny and your life.

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  1. In order to attract something positive, you must also be positive in return. So in order to attract wealth, you must have a positive outlook not only about money but on life itself. Always move on and never be afraid to take the next step forward, be opportunistic and optimistic, but also remember also to be humble and modest as although wealth may come to those who are greedy, you may not like what you will become if you let yourself be overcome by greed. Also, having an attraction mentality also means exhibiting attraction ACTIONS. You can’t get successful in a vacuum.

  2. If you ask for it, you will surely get it. It may not be as quick as you have hoped but you will get it in due course. The only way to survive this life is to accept that you cannot control everything. The sooner you learn and accept that fact, the better. Ask for encouragement and positivity to enter your life and you will certainly find it. Be around people who think and speak alike. Influence other people to do the same because the best contribution you can give others is the gift of hopeful thinking.

  3. potrish78 says:

    Keep a positive attitude and claim everything you ask for in a prayer and you shall have it. It may not come in a jiffy but you will certainly receive whatever you strongly believe in a prayer. If the gift is from God then you will surely enjoy it for the rest of your life and you’ll be free from guilt. But if you just forced it to happen with greed then it will only be just temporary.

    I have always had a positive outlook in life. I always think that everything happens for a reason. When I want to achieve something, I work hard on it. But I must admit that I do chant the words “I can do it” all the time not only to condition my mind but to make my subconscious mind believe that I really can. This is actually effective in getting the results I want which in turn gives me a lavish living.

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