Getting Your Life Path Number and Its Meaning

Numerology is an age-old system of beliefs that is based on the relationship between numbers and the physical realm, including living beings.  Throughout the years, this field has developed into a broad system with various applications.

One of the most important concepts in numerology is the life path number.  At first, it may seem confusing or difficult to understand how these numbers work and how you can use them to your advantage.  In truth, however, it is relatively easy to get your life path number, understand what it means, and apply what you learn to your life.

What does your life path number tell you?

Your life path number can reveal a lot of information about who you are, what you excel at, and how to guide your life in relation to your specific number.  Perhaps the most significant information that your life path number holds is your personality traits.  These personality traits include your strengths and weaknesses, inclinations and aversions, as well as the qualities that set you and your number apart from other numbers in the system.  The main aim of the life path number is to guide people toward the best possible path to attain their maximum potential in life.  This number can serve as your best guide.

The calculation of your life path number based on your birthday

Follow these four, easy steps to get your life path number:

1.  The first step is to get your full birth date in number form (i.e., December 01, 1984 would be 12/01/1984).

2.  Next, add each digit together: 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 26.  If the resulting number is an 11 or 22, then move on to step 4.

3.  If the resulting number is not an 11 or 22, then add the digits together again until you get a single digit number.  Following our example so far, you would add 2 and 6 to get 8.

4.  The resulting number is your life path number, you can then find the meaning for your life path number either online, in books, or from a numerology expert.  In the example we have been using for this step-by-step guide, the life path number is 8.

More about life path number meanings

When searching for the meaning of your life path number, it’s important to know that you will probably come across various descriptions about your specific number.  While some are credible, you may find other resources to be vague and misleading.  For this reason,  only get meanings from reliable sources, such as a numerology expert or a reliable website on numerology and life path numbers.

What matters more than the meaning of the life path number itself is how you use the information that you gain from the experience.  Try to assess yourself to see if you truly see a connection between your life path number meaning and who you are in reality.  You can then take it upon yourself to improve on your weaknesses, focus your strengths, and find the right path in life.

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  1. Much like the other methods in Astrology, Numerology solely works because of the faith you put in it. Psychologist explains that once you put your heart into believing something, then something is bound to happen. This has something to do with how a Person perceives things, and numerology opens up news ways on how a person might perceive his/her day and unconsciously, act out what they see or read in their numerological predictions. This is just how the human brain works when something stimulates it, in which this case is the prediction.

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