Fun and Interesting Facts about Astrology

Do you believe in astrology? Do you read the daily horoscope for your start sign in the newspapers? Would you like to know more about yourself and what is likely to happen to you in the future, be it immediate or distant? Well, according to a study done by USA Today, over 40% of Americans believe in astrology, and more than 66% of ‘believers’ are women. No, this doesn’t mean that women are less logical – quite the contrary actually, as astrology is actually a science much like physics or mathematics. So, are you logical and do you believe in astrology, or do you just like to read your daily horoscope and have fun?

Astrology Can Be Fun!

If you have ever read your daily horoscope, you can easily conclude that astrology can be might fun. However, this cannot be called astrology per se, as most people who are involved in the process of writing the daily horoscope know as much about astrology as the average reader of this piece knows about quantum mechanics – which is zilch. So, it is fun to see people who believe that the same thing will happen to all Leos all over the world on a particular date. Again, astrology is a science, and the daily horoscope is a good excuse to have a few laughs every day.

Medieval European Scientists Were Actually Astrologers

We have all heard about the following famous scientists: Galileo, Brahe, Jung, and Copernicus. However, did you know that all of them studies astrology among other sciences? Yes, some of the greatest minds to ever walk our planet believed and studied this science. What’s more, modern astronomy would have taken hundreds of years more to develop if it hadn’t been for the astrologers who took measurements and monitored the movement of stars and planets for a very long time.


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Beware the Full Moon!

Even though we do not believe in werewolves today, we still believe that the full moon can have a strong effect on people. Furthermore, scientists believe that the moon has an impact on our bodies much like it has an impact on the oceans of the world, as three quarters of our body is water. It is believed that the moon can cause us to feel very deep and disturbing emotions, and this is probably why people developed the belief in werewolves in the first place. In spite of the fact that mystical powers were given to the full moon, the moon itself definitely has some impact on us, and astrology has been trying to bring this to our attention for centuries now.

The Best Merging of Science and Art

In order to be a good astrologer, one must be able to create a mix of two entities that often may seem to be impossible to merge together – namely science and art. As far as the science goes, an astrologer has to be familiar with mathematics and astronomy, and the artistic side is used when the data gotten from the scientific part has to be interpreted in order to create astrological predictions and probabilities.

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