Five Great Tips on Giving a Tarot Reading

So, you have some tarot cards, maybe they were given to you, maybe you bought them at a psychic gift shop, and you’re interested in giving tarot readings your friends and relatives. You don’t need to have a gift for clairvoyance or be psychic to use Tarot cards. If you think you may be, well that can help a lot, but it isn’t mandatory because the cards do the work for you. You just need to know how to interpret them. Here are five pointers to get you acquainted with tarot and have your friends believing you have been rubbing shoulders with psychics. We will concentrate on the Rider-Waite deck since it’s most popular.

1. About Major Arcana

It consists of 22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. 78 in all. The Major Arcana are the major players in the deck, Death, The Wheel Of Fortune, The Moon, The Lovers, these cards are all found in the Major Arcana, in fact many professional psychic readings only use the major arcana. You should get to know the meanings of these cards first.

2. Become familiar with the Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards- 4 more than your standard deck of playing cards, and if you take a look at the cards in the Minor Arcana, they are not actually too different from playing cards, with the exception that instead of just Jacks there are Pages and Knights. The suits are a bit different too. instead of spades there are swords, instead of clubs there are rods, also known as wands in some decks, in place of diamonds, there are pentacles and there are cups in place of hearts. each one of these suits deals with a different aspect of life and each individual number a different take on that aspect. If you want to do full deck readings you should become familiar with all the aspects.

3. Learn three spreads minimum

A spread is the order and placement of where you set your cards down during a reading. Some good spreads to learn are the 3 card past, present and future spread. A 7 card Horseshoe spread is also for beginners to learn. The most popular tarot spread, however is the 10 card Celtic Cross. This will take some practice to learn. For a simple 1 card reading just think of a question, and draw a card. The card that is picked is the answer.

4. Practice

Since tarot has alot to do with knowing what cards you are pulling during a reading, it’s really just a matter of getting to know them. Practice with your friends and family as much as you can until you are familiar with all the different cards and spreads.

5. Keep it positive

Finally, try not to interpret anything as too negative. Have you ever seen one of those fictional medium readings on Television or in a movie, where the death card comes up and all of a sudden the room gets dark and the psychic tells the person they will surely die…well the death card, and most other cards have multiple meanings. The death card is also a card for new beginnings.

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