All About the Zodiac ‘Capricorn’

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1) When was Capricorns are born?
2) What are the characteristics of Capricorns?
3) Why Capricorns are idealistic when it comes with love relationships?
4) What causes most of the Capricorn’s health concerns?
5) Why Capricorns choose a path that makes the most common sense?

Capricorns are born between December 21 and January 19 on any given year. Capricorns tend to be very resourceful but are also very cautious. They are incredibly disciplined, cool under pressure and can be quite reserved. They are focused and are good at overcoming obstacles and hardships that get in the way of their ultimate goals; they tend to be highly ambitious. Both practical and prudent, they don’t like risk. They can be quite patient, but if that patience gets in the way of their ultimate goal, they will likely find another path. While they are reserved, they tend to have a very sharp wit about them. This sign can be a bit selfish as they are so goal oriented and this may give them an edge making them seem as though they are unfeeling or calculating. This person can be quite pessimistic, so finding a positive influence is very important.

General Attributes

Because this sign is so cautious and ambitious simultaneously, you will be hard pressed to get them to cut out on work. They are patient when it comes to getting what they want as long as they see the end game. It is extremely important to them that they know exactly what they have to do to get what they want. In general, they will only choose a path that makes the most common sense and they have no problem telling someone else when they are being foolish or unrealistic. This can be problematic in friendships, as often people want a shoulder, not an honest assessment of what is going on. Despite their hard edge, their sarcastic sense of humor and shining light tends to bring other people in, if only to hitch their own star to someone who is going to be successful.

Relationships, Especially Love Relationships

With love relationships, Capricorns or idealistic. They want everything to be perfect and have very little patience for frivolity or people who are not as devoted. They tend to be serial monogamists, as they don’t have the time to date those they see no future with. They are not the type to want to spend time with a lover who has no future potential. With friendships, they tend to have a few very close friends and oodles of acquaintances. These acquaintances often are not a part of their central circle, but they will keep up with them as they enjoy having people to go out with when time allows. In their deeper relationships they can be very jealous. This means that you have to be aware of the situation if you are the object of their affection, because the anger side of Capricorns is very irrational. It is the one place where they veer from common sense.

Health Concerns

Work is what causes most of the Capricorn’s health concerns. They wear their immune systems down by working too hard and not getting enough sleep. This often opens them up to various diseases, almost forcing them to take time off. A set diet and exercise regimen can be extremely helpful when it comes to keeping them healthy and on track. Overall, they are healthy people, with the potential for joint problems as they age. Staying fit and keeping their weight in check is usually enough to keep them away from truly bad health problems.

Capricorns might seem hard to get to know, but once you break the outer surface, you will find a person who is worth taking the time on. They can often help you solve the most complex of problems and their ability to sit with you and find the right course of action is admirable. These people tend to be leaders, though they don’t particularly care for large groups as they have trouble delegating. If you ever fall short of the mark, they will likely just take the work away from you and do it themselves. They have little if any patience for incompetence. Capricorns are kind even at their most reserved. They tend to take up fights for the little guy, especially if irrational, arrogant people are bullying them. A Capricorn can be a champion and is always dedicated to some cause.

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