A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Riding Boots

Thinking of buying a new pair of riding boots? Horse riders and those who love to get out and about on the back of a horse will know the importance of a good pair of boots and their benefits. However, here’s a guide to choosing the perfect pair of boots, whether lower cost ones or high end styles such as Ariat Volant back zip.

What sort of riding are you intending on doing? There is a wide range of styles and types of boots to choose from, with many coming in different styles and heights. Boots vary in height especially, with many like Ariat Volant back zip, tall and others no higher than tennis shoes. Consider what you want before purchasing.

English – Style

If you’re intending on riding English-style or in a formal horse show then the boots should be knee high like Ariat Volant back zip boots and hug your leg. Many riders like these style of boots as the zip makes them easier to take off after wearing.

If you’re the sort of person who involves themselves in barrel riding or western style riding of some style or another then Ariat Volant back zip boots won’t do. You’ll need to invest in a pair of western style horse riding boots. This boot usually reaches up to the middle of the calk and isn’t as tight as the English fitting boot on the leg. It is also that bit more flexible than English boots such as the Ariat Volant back zip boot.

Mountain Horseback Riding

Planning to do some mountain horseback riding? If this is the case then you’ll need to purchase a pair of treated leather boots. These boots are perfect for this sort of riding and also for riding like trail riding. These boots come in a range of sizes and different heights. They are also treated to take care of dust and water and are extremely hard wearing.

Casual and those who ride now and again can probably do with a low cut boot. This boot should ideally have a back zipper and your foot should fit comfortably inside it. Stability is a necessity here and a good boot takes time and effort to find.

No matter what sort of boot you require for your horse riding, whether a casual boot or higher end one such as Ariat Volant back zip boots, the same rules apply when trying them on.

Don’t just fit on one pair; try a wide range of the style you want. As with any shoe, wither for horse riding or for regular wear, walk about in it and make sure it’s comfortable. No one wants a boot that hurts them and causes them anguish.

Riding boots are functional and also stylish, though unlike high heels or other such going out shoes the functional comes far ahead of the style concerns. Take your time, look around and try on numerous boots and you’ll soon find the perfect pair.


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