5 Meal Options You Find on Every Pub Menu

This post takes a fun look at so-called “pub grub” and lists the meals that you can usually find in pubs wherever you go.

Charmed Food?

The obsession with pub food is, admittedly, one that is lost on a great many people. Why people decide to go to a pub to have “authentic” or “homemade” billed food at a premium price when they could make it themselves at home is something beyond comprehension for a lot of people.

For those who enjoy dining out in pubs, they often choose these venues to avoid themed restaurants and to enjoy what they believe to be a much wider variety of choice.

Of course, what they get for their wide variety of choice is generally the same everywhere they go. To many this equates to not actually having much choice at all.

What are the top five menu options that you can expect to find whenever you head out to the pub for something to eat, that are also easy to make at home?

Fish and Chips

This is always a favourite pub meal, and they just love to charge you a lot of money when essentially all they have done is taken the ingredients out of the freezer and put them in the oven or in a pan. If it was freshly caught fish, peas grown from the garden and the potatoes peeled and chopped in-house, then it may be a more impressive dish.

All Day Breakfasts

They love serving a plate full of fried food, do pubs. Whether it is termed a “heart attack on a plate” or some other colloquialism, you can bet that people still flock to eat one of these. It isn’t as if it is a niche food reserved only for the most severe of hangovers, either – people genuinely enjoy it whatever the weather!

Beef Bourguignon

Okay, so this may be what it is called in some of the more “upmarket” pubs that you may visit. To the more down to earth character, it will probably be better known as beef stew or beef and dumplings.

While it can be a great dish to warm you up, it is always worth considering how long a pan of stew may have been sitting around, depending on the pub you are in.

Roast Dinner

Pubs traditionally looked to serve roast dinners only on a Sunday, but now they are a popular dish at all times, and are guaranteed to be near the top of any pub menu. It may be called something different from a traditional roast – “half chicken” is a favourite – but the meal is actually still the same.


Why does lasagne find a place on pub menus? Generally, it is because it can be made en masse, in a silver tray similar to school dinners! If you want a lasagne from a pub, strategically ordering near the end of the day is always worthwhile – you are always guaranteed a bigger helping as they try and use it all up!

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