5 Hints on Hosting the Perfect Ladies’ Night

Save the date!

If you’re planning on having a wild one, you need the whole crew to be there. It’s important to plan ahead and book some venues as well, because no one wants to spend their hen’s night wandering the streets, trying to find a club that hasn’t hit capacity. Ensuring that you’ve got great bars and good company lined up before the night even begins is a good sign that the night will be a success.

Meet up for pre drinks prior to hitting the town

Meeting at one person’s house or a hotel room ensures that you all start the night together. That way, friends aren’t lost before the night even begins! It’s also a good opportunity to toast the bride-to-be with a small circle of friends.

Champagne, champagne, champagne

I suggest the semi-expensive kind.

Do a bit of research before planning any “shenanigans”

I’ll cast your mind back to an infamous ‘Friends’ episode where one ‘sexy’ policeman was ordered and one Danny De Vito arrived. I repeat, do a bit of research.

Theme it

Nothing puts everyone in a giggly mood like a good dress up competition. Also, if you’re inviting a few different friendship groups, a good theme will also facilitate conversation and interaction. Furthermore, it’s harder to lose any drunken strugglers in the bar if you know that you’re only looking for the pirates.

ladies night

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Try and stick to one precinct

You want to spend the majority of the night IN the bars, not travelling in between them. No one likes long walks in high heels, and why pay for a taxi when you could shout more champers? We recommend Surry Hills. The perfect combination of chic and lively, all the best places are only a few steps away from each other.

Book accommodation

End the night in the luxury of a nice hotel room. It’s the perfect place to recover from the night that was, and will allow a run-down of the night’s happenings over breakfast.  You can’t beat something stylish and affordable like Surry Hills. Booking Surry Hills accommodation will also mean that you’re close to the Surry Hills bar scene, so get booking!

The perfect hen’s night has to strike the right balance of wild fun and tasteful celebration. Think about whether any unruly plans could make guests overly uncomfortable, but don’t be afraid to throw in a bit of naughty fun here and there. It’s all about knowing your bride and guests’ sense of humour and using a bit of your own discretion. Good luck!

Sarah Paige is a freelance writer and a fan of organising the occasional party. She favours Surry Hills accommodation over most suburbs, in order to be closer to the trendy bar scene.

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