5 Easy Drinking Magic Tricks That Will Befuddle And Amaze

Most people generally enjoy magic, tricks, sleights of hands, and illusions as they are both enjoyable to watch and fun to try and figure out. Though most of us neither have the ambition nor the want to be true magicians. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t do a few things ourselves.

Drinking tricks are a good starting point for novices for one very important reason. That being your audience is usually at least a little inebriated, lessening their reasoning and problem solving skills. This allows for you to really knock their socks off. It’s an easy way to amuse, amaze, and even perhaps win a few bets from. Not saying it’s ok to take advantage of someone, but you are providing a service, the service of amusement.

So without further ado, here are 10 easy illusions and sleights of hand that are sure to bring smiles and wonderment to whomever you show. Remember though, in the world of magicians, tricks are what people do for money… you’re performing “Magic!” Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…  

Telekinetic Tricks: This trick is entirely about creating the proper diversion, without it, the trick will not work.

What’s needed: A pen, or cigarette, straw, or any item shaped as a cylinder that is light enough in weight that it can be rolled by slowly blowing on it with your breath.

Preparation: As you are setting this trick up, you want to continually remind the viewer to watch your hands to ensure you are not touching the items. You then tell them you are going to move the items without physically touching them. You move your fingers and hands close to the items as though through some kinetic power you will be controlling them.

The Trick: As the viewer is concentrated on your hands not touching the items, you quietly blow air at the pen/pencil/cigarette/straw that will actually be moving the item, though you make it appear as though your hands have some unseen power. The two main points to this are that you must have them focus on your hands, and not look at you in the face. The other is you have to blow air through your mouth quietly enough that the viewer will not hear it, as that will quickly give the gig up.

entertainmentAdded Difficulty: Rather than having one item, use two and blow between them and it will appear as though the two are separating on your command.

Human Sparkler: There is only a little preparation required, and this trick can be performed to anyone who has a lighter or matches. Even if they don’t, you could provide your own.

What’s Needed: A BIC lighter that will be needed for your own preparation, and either another persons lighter or matches for using so they don’t think it’s a trick device.

Preparation: With the BIC lighter, you want to turn the wheel to crush the flint, and sprinkle the flakes onto the top of your thumb knuckle. Be sure not to let people see you doing this, as the gig will be up soon after. You should be able to notice small dark specs of flint on your skin, the more of these you notice, and the greater the concentration, the better the end result will be.

The Trick: Approach someone you see smoking or that you know has a lighter or matches of their own. Ask them if they would like to see a magic trick, or set up any scenario ahead of time you’d like to get the to use their fire. Ask them to light the lighter or matches, move your hands around the flame in a “mysterious” way, and when your hand is above the flame, snap the fingers over the flame, knocking loose the flint chips on your hand. They should fall off and create a visual affect of big and small sparks, there will also be the crackling noise of it as well. You can either snap a few times quickly to create more sparks at one time, or prolong the trick out my snapping slowly.

Note: Once the flint chips have been used, you are going to have to set it up again without anyone seeing otherwise they will understand what’s happening. This can be done by providing some distraction in the meantime, such as talking about how its not easy to perform or something. All the while, say you are sitting next to a table; you are grinding more flint into your hand as you speak. Preparing for another go under the guise of simply talking.

Morphing Match Trick: This trick requires a little practice to get the feel of prior to performing.

What’s Needed: Ideally you would use two identical and regular sized hard wood matches. But most sticks of the same weight and length can be used, while the material it is made out of matters less than knowing how they feel.

Preparation: First you are going to want to get a feel for the sticks you have chosen. Hold them between your thumb and forefinger of both hands. Make sure to put down a good deal of pressure. As you separate your fingers, the stick will naturally stick to one finger. You need to get a feel for how you can make it so it always sticks to your forefinger. Perhaps twisting it on that finger a little harder. Eventually, you should be able to lift your forefinger every time with the stick stuck to the right finger.

The Trick: What you do is interlock the sticks between your two hands and fingers so that it would appear the two are linked together. Tug a few times to show that the sticks are indeed solid and cannot be pulled through. After you prove this a little, you get ready for the trick. This entails giving a slight test to ensure when you separate your fingers on your right hand, the stick will be stuck to your forefinger. If you feel its ready to go, you time it so your left stick glides across your thumb, under the other stick that is hanging off your forefinger. Once the left one is clear you close the gap with the stick in your right. If you do this fast enough, and don’t knock the stick loose, it will appear as though you’ve morphed the one stick through the other.

Added Difficulty: If you feel you are rather proficient at this, and your stick is holding strong to your finger. You can then even try to relink them by doing the trick backwards. At this point you can just go back and forth, and if your sleight of hand is done well enough, it will surely amaze even the most magically jaded of people.

Bill From Under Bottle Trick: This is less of a magic trick, and more of a problem that is easy to solve once known, but seems impossible otherwise.

What’s Needed: An empty beer bottle and a dollar bill, or some other denomination.

Preparation: Place an empty beer bottle upside down on a bill and challenge anyone to remove the bill without touching or knocking over the bottle. Undoubtedly people are going to try and sweep it out from under it like a tablecloth, but it’s not going to work. At this point you bet them something, either the amount of the bill under the bottle, the next drink, or whatever agreement you can come to.

The Trick:  I should call it the answer, because once you see it done, it’s nothing but a “face palm” moment wrapped in a problem. You begin by rolling up one end of the bill to you reach the bottle itself. Then you simply slowly continue rolling up the paper that is braced against the bottle until the bill is completely rolled up. There will be no real awe-inspiring moment here, but more of an “I’m sad I didn’t think of that first”. Either way it’s a quick and easy way to pull a fast one over on some unsuspecting people.

Frozen Beer Trick: Perhaps the most perplexing trick of those listed, can easily confuse any onlooker, as visually it is quite interesting.

What’s Needed: 2 light beers with clear glass so you can easily see the liquid inside.

Preparation: Put one light beer into the freezer checking it frequently. You want to leave it in there until it is nearly frozen, but still liquid. Once you feel it’s almost reached it’s freezing point, the beer is ready for the trick.

The Trick: Have you ever had a beer and someone bashed the top of it with their beer, causing it to over flow and explode? Well, when you do that to a beer that is almost already frozen, it makes it a few degrees cooler and causes the beer to freeze rather than explode. However, as it freezes it looks rather crazy because you expect it to overflow, but as the suds form, it simply freezes into what looks like a cloud. You can even turn the bottle over if done perfectly, and all the liquid will be ice. In the least it will turn to slush. This trick will easily amuse those watching as you expect one thing, while another happens in a completely unexpected form.

Note: When you hit the top of the frozen bottle with another beer, be sure to make it a gentle tap rather than a slam.If you slam it hard, the liquid will shoot out faster than it has time to turn to ice. It’s a slow process as it changes, but that’s what makes it interesting. Be sure to let them see you open it prior so they know you didn’t add anything. Be sure to enjoy the beer after to show that indeed nothing had been added.

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