3 Reasons To Love Autumn

The arrival of autumn is sometimes hard to take. The days shorten and the sun cools, leaving us wistfully romancing about the summer gone and how it was over before it began. This is all very well, but as we can’t influence the seasons moping about complaining about having to wear an extra layer is no good for the soul. So here are three reasons to love autumn!

The Fall

The turn from summer to autumn is an amazing spectacle. Yes, it might be a bit chilly, but look how beautiful everything is. As the trees turn their leaves to a rich variety of infinite shades of reds, golds and amber take a moment and look at nature in full glory. It’s not even something you’ll have to plan to do. This lush canvas is all around you. Stop, take a breath, and notice autumn’s splendour.

The Frightening

Autumn offers celebrations like no other. They’re frivolous, just like celebrations should be. The first of the two is Halloween. An opportunity to spook the poop out of your pals and dress up like a… well, whatever you want. The UK version of the holiday still tends to focus on the ghoulish, but is becoming ever more like the US celebration, where fancy dress of any sort goes. Meeting this half way is the trend of taking classic costumes and giving them a zombie twist. And anything where appearing like the undead is encouraged has to be awesome!

The Fireworks

And the second celebration arrives hot on the heels of Halloween, and with a bang. Yup, Guy Fawkes Night or, less formerly, Bonfire Night. If ever there was a way to watch money go up in smoke, this is it! Noise, colour and explosive materials?! What could be better? Cities around the world now see this as a great opportunity to party and go all out lighting the sky in the most spectacular ways possible. This allows you to take to the streets and witness a night sky illuminated by a dizzying spectrum of chemical eruptions.

Bonus: It Isn’t Christmas Yet!

As an addition to the three reasons there is also a bonus. The joy brought about by the fact that if it’s still autumn it’s not yet Christmas. That means no consumer scrums, no awful seasonal records and no family members squatting in your house!

You see autumn isn’t so bad. In fact it’s great! Get outside and joyfully punt a pile of leaves… ace.

John Stretton when not outdoors kicking up leaves spends his day writing about all types of wonderous products for Find Me A Gift, the gift ideas people.

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