Why The Student Vote Makes a Difference

Have you ever wondered if your vote makes a difference? With all the talk that goes on about how individual votes really don’t matter, it’s natural to wonder if getting out to vote is really that important.

As you probably remember, the 2008 election brought one of the biggest young voter turnouts of all time. President Obama’s campaign had a knack for connecting to students through tactics like social media and rousing speeches. In fact, many argue that the younger generation’s vote is what helped the president win the election.


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What You Can Do

The biggest thing you can do during this election is to become informed. Do all the research you can about the candidates and what they stand for. You should definitely look at what the candidates themselves are saying, but you should also look at some resources from third parties. It’s almost impossible to find unbiased sources, but you can learn a lot by reading information from several sources.

The Youth Movement

As the 2008 campaign proved, the student vote can make a big difference. When entire masses of people get the word out, share their opinion and make their voices heard, waves will be made. As a student, you can get others involved, support clubs and even volunteer for campaigns.

A Different Kind of Passion

The basic demographics of the average student, young, earning their degree and not yet involved in the work force, give students a different view. Students hold a different type of stake in the elections, one that may be more forward thinking than many others’ views. You are concerned with student loans, the job market and other things that will shape your future. Unlike middle aged or older voters, you may have more of an eye for future events.

Bringing Out Excitement

Student voters also have an uncanny ability to bring excitement to a campaign. First and second-time voters often have an optimistic attitude that is untainted by years of political experience, like other voters. They get excited about big dreams and their excitement is contagious. As a student voter, you may have more power that you realize. You are able to share ideas and bring others on board in a way no other demographic can.

As a student, your vote is extremely important. As you become more and more involved in elections and make your voice heard, you may help change the course of politics and therefore the country.

Jill Hardy is a writer at UniversitiesOnline.net, a website that works to inform students about all kinds of online programs, including associate’s, bachelors and even MBA programs.

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