The Impact Of The US Government Shutdown On The Common Man

Americans That Are Impacted The Most By The Shutdown

Federal employees are the first ones to be hit very hard and immediately by the shutdown. Hundreds of thousands of them were furloughed for an indefinite period. This means no work and hence no paycheck for them during the shutdown period. With economic dark clouds hovering above us, you very well can understand what this could mean for an average American family. To be without work and without monthly paychecks can seem worse than a dead end these days. Many Americans who get temporarily laid-off are forced to work in part-time jobs or accept small fry gigs in place of a regular full-time jobs. Creative people have gotten discouraged and families have gotten disillusioned during the current shutdown.

Others Impacted By The Shutdown

To some extent, almost everyone gets impacted by a shutdown. A prolonged shutdown negatively affects the economy and growth, and hence directly or indirectly impacts every US citizen. People also get affected on a local level. For example, people wanting to use the free time thrust upon them in vacationing with their families would be in for a rude awakening when they find a ‘Shutdown’ notice board hanging at the entrance of all national parks, forests, zoos and museums. Closing down of such places drastically impacts the local businesses and the people involved therein.

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