The Impact Of The US Government Shutdown On The Common Man

The U.S. Government Shutdown

Government shutdown refers to a situation of economic crisis in which the federal government is forced to temporarily shut down almost all its operations except for the absolutely essential ones. Such a deadlock situation arises when the Congress fails to pass a spending bill for the fiscal year due to an unresolved dispute between the ruling party and the opposition party. And if there is no spending bill spelling out how to fund the federal government, according to the constitution then the federal government cannot spend any money and is thus forced to shut down. The bone of contention in the current shutdown is the Affordable Care Act, also dubbed “Obamacare”.

Even though basic essential public services like postal, judiciary, medicare, social security, and others, continue more or less the same way, the federal government shutdown can have far-reaching consequences for many federal government employees. Even those who escape being furloughed (temporarily laid off) may face a delay in getting their paychecks. However, national security will not get compromised and military as well as police personnel will continue working (and getting paid) as before.

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