Is Mitt Romney an Enemy of the Environment?

Article looking at US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s views on the environment and questions whether they could strongly influence his chances of election.

Republican Romney

Being both a Republican and having been accused of practicing “vulture capitalism” during his career before politics, it is no surprise that Mitt Romney’s views on the environment are coming into sharp focus in the run up to November’s United States Presidential election.


Famously, the last Republican President, George W. Bush, was something of a climate change sceptic, to put it mildly, only admitting after leaving office that global warming was in fact a reality of the planet and that more needs to be done to stop it. Funny how people soon change their minds when they aren’t reliant on the influence of industry to win them votes, isn’t it?

The environment is one area that frequently forms a central part of US debate, and the 2012 election is no different. Environmental regulations have long been a favourite target of Romney’s, and as he continues his campaign this week, he has been talking up the advantages of using coal.

Clean Coal

Despite the global consumption of clean coal falling, Romney has positioned himself firmly behind the coal companies in the US during this campaign. Incumbent President Barack Obama is, or so Romney would say, an enemy of the coal companies, and is bringing whatever regulations he can to run them out of business.

Such hyperbolic rhetoric has seen coal companies become one of Romney’s biggest campaign fund donors, however hiding behind the coal companies was perhaps not the wisest move. Romney could well find himself facing his own inconvenient truth in the coming weeks should he not change tack on the issue.

Clean coal still doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to the environment, and nor is it particularly cost effective. Energy companies are turning to natural gas in masses due to its much cheaper, and still falling, cost in comparison to coal. This is without even considering all of the green fuel options available to businesses across the country.

Republican Ideals

The problem Romney is facing is that he’s strutting around the country throwing his weight behind these coal companies that he doesn’t want to go out of business. What he has either failed to realise or conveniently isn’t acknowledging is that state policies in a number of Republican led states are also leading to the lower consumption of coal.

He’s in a situation where he’s going to states talking up the use of coal, when the Republican State Governor has a policy to move away from it, which may have had a hand in him getting elected in the first place.

To call Romney an enemy of the environment is perhaps a little harsh. At the same time, with the wealth of knowledge and information he must surely be privy to in his position, it is difficult to view him as anything else.

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