Parenting Observations from Nannies: Their Top Advice

A nanny’s life is primarily about watching children. Because of this, they can offer some great suggestions to parents:

The Top Three Things Every Mom And Dad Should Be Aware Of

  1. Think about the sort of parent you are, and the sort of parent you desire to be. Reflect on the values you have, and the values you would like to pass onto your children. Figure out the best ways to instill these in your children.
  2. Lead by doing. It’s very easy to say one thing but to do just the opposite. You may want your kids to eat a healthy diet, but if you don’t have one yourself, it may be hard for them. Kids tend to copy parents’ actions, not just their words.
  3. Time is the most precious resource you have. You cannot raise kids without investing a lot of time. Positive memories are built around time spent together as a family. You cannot build a loving relationship with your kids without ever being there.

Some of the Biggest Mistakes Parents Make

Sometimes, a parent’s expectations may not conform to reality. If a couple already has a elementary school child and then has a baby, they may focus more on the baby, while still expecting the older child to handle responsibilities that are actually too much for them. They are still a child, and may not be ready for such independence yet.

Parents should be consistent with their promises. This applies to both rewards and punishments. When a teenager breaks curfew and you threaten to ground them if it happens again, you should follow through. Otherwise, your word essentially means nothing, and the child has no real boundaries.

Never Give Up

Even though it may not seem like it in the heat of the moment, a solution can almost always be reached. The reason things can seem so frustrating at times is because as a parent, there’s no off-switch. You are always on the job. But remember that your parents probably went through the same hassles with you. If you have a problem with your kids, you are never alone. Being a family can be hard sometimes. Giving up hope is the worst thing you can do, especially when your kids need you. In most cases, you just need to take a deep breath, and maybe even a step back until you’re able to clear your head and think about a positive way to deal with whatever issue you’re facing.

Making Time-Outs Work For You

There are some parents who claim that time-outs don’t solve behavior problems. However, in almost all cases, this belief is because they aren’t doing it right. An effective time-out requires making a child stay in the exact same spot for the agreed upon amount of time. At first, a child may continue to move from that spot. This is where many parents give up. If you want to make time-out work, you simply need to show your child that they’re not going to wear you down. Although it may initially take a significant amount of repetition, continuing to put a child back in their spot will eventually send a clear message to them!


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