How To Pack A Safe Kid’s Lunch

Sometimes during the all the chaos in the house in the morning, parents forget the simple rules on how to prepare a safe lunch for their children. There are many food borne diseases to watch out for and if you are not careful, you and your children might be victims of these diseases. Here is a guide on how to safely pack lunch for everyone in the family.

Wash your hands

Time and time again, we are reminded to keep our hands clean – before we eat, before we touch our face and especially before preparing food. Wash your hands with warm water and soap. Make sure you wash under your nails as well. Wash for at least 20 seconds or sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice.

Wash utensils and equipment

Make sure that all surfaces and utensils that you will be using are clean. Use soap and hot water. Rinse well.


Examples of perishables are fresh fruits and sandwiches. Make sure to get a lunch box with a gel packet that can you can freeze so that your child’s food is kept chilled. This reduces the risk of illness. If you need to prepare these items the night before, make sure to refrigerate them and take them out only until your child is ready to go.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Rinse fresh vegetables and fruits under running water. Dry them with a paper towel before packing.

Insulated lunch boxes

You can purchase insulated lunch boxes to keep foods hot or cold longer. Remember that a frozen gel pack is not recommended for all-day use.

You can also use an insulated bottle for soups or hot beverages. First, fill the bottle with boiling water. Let it stand for a few minutes then drain the water. You can now fill it with your hot food. Make sure to securely close the bottle. Choose a bottle that does not spill to avoid accidents.

kids lunch box

Throw packaging

Tell your child to throw all plastic bags and other food packaging after use. Kids should also throw away leftovers that are perishable. Do not allow them to put these things back in their lunch boxes as they can contaminate the box and other foods that are left inside the box.

Keep food fresh until lunchtime

If a refrigerator is available in school, ask the teacher if the children can use it to store their lunch otherwise, just tell your child to keep his lunch away from direct sunlight and heat.

These food safety practices will allow your child to enjoy his lunch and avoid getting sick.

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