Best Plays For Grade Schoolers

Children just love to role play. They like playing with doctor and nurse toy sets, fireman and police toy sets or shopping toy sets. This type of role playing introduces them to different careers that they can choose from in the future. This also allows parents to know their children’s interests. Aside from role playing, you can also produce plays at home for special occasions such as family gatherings and Christmas parties. Here are the best plays for grade school aged children.


Who does not like a rags to riches story? Cinderella is a classic story about a young girl who is forced to become a slave by her step family. She is denied her inheritance and is treated badly. In today’s world, there are so many bullies and they start in school. Cinderella triumphs over her bully family and wins the heart of the prince and becomes a princess. The story teaches children about honesty and respect for other people.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

A new tailor suddenly comes into town and brags that he makes the finest clothes in all the land. The Emperor, of course, has to have some. The only problem is that all the clothes are invisible! What’s more surprising is that the Emperor and all the other people around him don’t seem to notice it. Teach your child honesty. Teach your child about not trusting strangers with this story.

Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs story teaches the value of hard work and dedication. As the third pig put time and effort into building his house, it was the only one to survive. The same thing goes with everything in life starting with your child’s homework and schoolwork. If he takes the time to do his homework properly then he will do it the first time. If he is always in a rush then he might make a lot of mistakes.

plays for grade schoolers

Little Red Riding Hood

Kids should not talk to strangers and most especially follow them and trust them. The Little Red Riding Hood will instil this lesson in your kids. They should also always follow what their parents tell them if they don’t want to be put in a similar situation as the girl in the story.

These stories are not only good bedtime stories but they make for wonderful simple plays that your children can participate in whether in school or at home.


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