Activities To Help Your Child Relax After School

School is harder now for kids. They have a lot of activities, lessons and extracurricular stuff to attend to in a day. When they get home from school, they need to relax and unwind. Here are a few after school activities for your child.

Nap time

If your child goes to school early in the morning and returns home in the afternoon, chances are he is already dead tired. He won’t have the energy to tackle his homework anymore so the best thing for him to do is to take a nap. 30 minutes to 1 hour of sleep will work wonders for your child. When he wakes up, he will feel refreshed and ready to work on his homework.

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Burn the extra energy

If your child only has a couple of hours of classes, he may still have a lot of energy to burn. When he gets home, schedule a few minutes of play time or exercise. He can ride his bike or skate around the neighbourhood. Your kids can also play with the hula hoop, jump rope or trampoline in your backyard. That will surely burn some of their energy. This will also get them ready for bedtime.

Time out

Give your kids an hour or two of time out. They can watch TV, color, draw, read, play with their toys, play with your pets, etc. Give them the freedom to do whatever they want every day.

Snack time

Cookies and milk are not the only after school snacks you can give your kids. You can give them a healthy sandwich and some fresh fruit. You can also prepare the snack together. Eat with your child so that you can have some bonding time and talk about his day in school.

Don’t go home straight

Give your child a treat once in a while. After picking him up from school, go to your favorite diner or fast food restaurant to eat. You can also go to the playground or park. You can also go for some ice cream. This is a good idea especially if your kid has had a rough day or just finished a long exam.

Kids, like adults, need to relax too. With all the technology and school work and other distractions that they have, they can easily burn out so schedule some chill out time with your child. Chilling out together can also be a special time for your child that he can look forward to everyday after school.


This article was written by super mom blogger Norma Brown. Check out her nursery school equipment site.

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